Markets and Governments in Economic History

Joe Jackson, Acquiring Editor
Intending to emphasize studies of the interactions of governments and markets, this series will combine the types of narrative and quantitative analysis economic historians. The geographic and temporal scope of the series will be broad. Works in the series will examine the role of states and markets in the development of such institutions as property rights, individual economic freedoms, security against foreign aggression, and the adjudication of disputes.

Especially appropriate for the series are works that synthesize theoretical methods and historical evidence to develop new ways to interpret the past and carry the lessons forward to examining modern institutions. Among the topics that are of interest are:


  • The successes and failures of government regulation of markets.
  • The roles played by market decision makers in determining government policies.
  • The changes in the roles played by courts, legislators, and administrators in influencing markets.
  • The development of tax policies at all levels and how they influenced the distribution of economic welfare.
  • The shifting roles of local, state, and federal governments over time.

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