Chicago Series on International and Domestic Institutions

William G. Howell and Jon Pevehouse, Series Editors
John Tryneski, Acquiring Editor
This exciting new series will feature innovative research on how domestic political institutions influence foreign policy, as well as how changes in the international arena influence domestic political dynamics.  The series supports research that is geographically and temporally broad, methodologically pluralistic, and that crosses boundaries by engaging theoretical traditions in American, comparative, and international relations.

The series will include works that focus on either international political economy or international security—or both. For illustrative purposes, some topics that are of interest include:


  • The interaction of domestic political institutions and interstate conflict;
  • The influence of interest groups on foreign economic policies, including trade and investment;
  • The interaction of international institutions and changing domestic political institutions.


If you or a colleague has a project that you think would be appropriate for the series, please feel free to contact the editors at: and

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