Animal Lives

Jane Desmond, Directing Editor; Barbara J. King and Kim Marra, Series Editors
Douglas Mitchell, Acquiring Editor

A New Book Series

Animal Lives:
Human and Non-human Worlds Together

Animal Lives brings the latest groundbreaking work in human-animal studies to the fore, with an emphasis on living animals, past or present. Whereas many books about animals are focused almost entirely on humans or their representations of animals, in our series, animals will share center stage with people, and be recognized as living their own lives with their own daily concerns. As is appropriate to the species under consideration, animals may be considered in light of their minds, emotions, and social histories.

This scholarly stance poses challenging epistemological, ethical, and conceptual questions, and should lead to new frontiers of knowledge. In this way we anticipate that our series will foreground works that help define the cutting edge of the field of animal studies.

We welcome scholarly work that commits to bridging the readerships and intellectual stakes of more than one discipline, reaching, where appropriate, across divisions among the humanities, social sciences, and sciences to chart new territories of investigation. We seek writing that while impeccable in its scholarship is vigorous, engaging, and eminently readable so that our books reach wide, interdisciplinary audiences.

Series books will strive to set new intellectual agendas, to move the emergent questions about animal studies forward, and will be unafraid to take risks in terms of defining a research problem, employing methodological innovation, and using multiple modalities of presentation. Thus we will seek works that not only enlarge animal studies, but which, through their own innovative thinking and methodologies, help define what it can become.

Works by both emerging and established scholars are welcome, as are manuscripts employing experimental formats and those that are short, crisp, provocative texts suitable for course adoption in addition to more standard lengths and formats.

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