Cloth $25.00 ISBN: 9780857420312 Published April 2013 World sales rights except India

A World Without Wall Street?

François Morin

François Morin

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172 pages | 5 x 8 | © 2011
Cloth $25.00 ISBN: 9780857420312 Published April 2013 World sales rights except India
As the aftershocks of the latest economic meltdown reverberate throughout the world, and people organize to physically occupy the major financial centers of the West, few experts and even fewer governments have dared to consider a world without the powerful markets that brought on the crash. Yet, as François Morin explains in A World Without Wall Street?, this is the very step that needs to be taken as quickly as possible to avoid a perpetual future of dehumanizing working conditions, devastated ecosystems, and the submission of public policies to private interests.
 In this insightful and radical take on global finance, Morin recommends nothing less than a revolutionary reconstruction of the international monetary system. More, he recommends that the laws of societies be reformed so that the power of management may be shared among all of the actors involved in production, not concentrated in the hands of the few. This shift, argues Morin, will transform the monetary system into a common good for all of humanity, rich or poor. With Wall Street at the center of the very power structure that needs to be dismantled, Morin takes broad aim at the purely speculative financial games and arcane instruments by which the global economy and its citizens are held captive. In this very timely and provocative book, Morin bravely offers a way forward—instead of simply triaging a hemorrhaging system, he persuasively asks us to consider a subversive reinvention.
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Part 1: The World Without Wall Street: The Impasse
    The Ultra-Power of Global Finance and its Markets
    The Shock Wave on Work, the Environment and Political Action
Part 2: Opening the Breach: A World Without Wall Street
    The Break: Change the Intellectual Make-up of Economists
    To Act: A Different Concept of the Coherence of Political Action
    To Change Financial Logic: Recasting Property Rights
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