Modes of Spectating

Edited by Alison Oddey and Christine White

Edited by Alison Oddey and Christine White

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188 pages | 33 halftones | 7 x 9 | © 2009
Paper $35.50 ISBN: 9781841502397 Published June 2009

Modes of Spectating investigates the questions posed by new artistic and technological mediums on the viewer experience. These new visual tools influence not only how spectators view, but also how what they view determines what artists create. Alison Oddey and Christine White analyze how gaming and televisual media and entertainment are used by young people, and the resulting psychological challenges of understanding how viewers navigate these virtual worlds and surroundings. This multidisciplinary approach brings together ideas and examples from gaming art, photography, sculpture, and performance; it will be a valuable text for scholars of both media and art.

Introduction: Visions Now: Life is a Screen
Alison Oddey and Christine White
Part One: Interactive Media and Youth Culture
Chapter 1  Altered States
Christine White
Chapter 2  A Quick Walk Through Uncanny Valley
Saint John Walker
Chapter 3  Spectatorship and Action Research Performance Models
Lizbeth Goodman, Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Vicki Munsell
Part Two: Imaginative Escape
Chapter 4  The Active Audience: The Network as a Performance Environment
Gregory Sporton
Chapter 5  The Audience in Second Life: Thoughts on the Virtual Spectator
Dan Zellner
Chapter 6  Cultural Use of Cyberspace: Paradigms of Digital Reality
Iryna Kuksa
Chapter 7  Observing the Interactive Movie Experience: The Artist's Approach to Responsive Audience Interaction Design
Chris Hales
Part Three: Identity and the Self-conscious Spectator
Chapter 8  Interior Spectating: Viewing Inner Imagery in Psychotherapy
Valerie Thomas
Chapter 9  Tuning-in to Sound and Space: Hearing, Voicing and Walking
Alison Oddey
Chapter 10  Picturing Men: Performers and Spectators
Jeremy Mulvey
Chapter 11  Haptic Visuality: The Dissective View in Performance
Gianna Bouchard
Chapter 12  Touched by Human Hands: City and Performance
Roma Patel
Part Four: The Site of Spectating
Chapter 13  Dwellings in Image-spaces
Maiju Loukola
Chapter 14  Embodiment, Ambulation and Duration
Craig G. Staff
Chapter 15  Odd Anonymized Needs: Punchdrunk's Masked Spectator
Gareth White
Chapter 16  Sites of Performance: The Wollstonecraft Live Experience!
Anna Birch
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