The Genus Erythronium

Chris Clennet

The Genus Erythronium
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Chris Clennet

Distributed for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

224 pages | 77 color plates, 7 line drawings, 30 maps | 7 x 9 1/2 | © 2014
Cloth $85.00 ISBN: 9781842464922 Published November 2014 For sale in Canada, Mexico, and the USA only
The Erythronium is a seemingly delicate perennial with a decidedly wild touch. Its recurved petals are often described as “tooth-like” and at times seem to be caught in a dramatic dive toward the ground. Long appreciated for their bright reds and yellows, their easy cultivation, and even their use as a food, these woodland plants are finding growing popularity in North America. The Genus Erythronium is the first dedicated monograph on the plant and will be the authority for botanists, gardeners, growers, and breeders everywhere.

The Genus Erythronium 
details all twenty-nine currently identified species, all based on the most current research, including brand-new information on morphology and DNA. Captivating botanical illustrations and photographs fill the book and an extensive key allows easy identification of each species. Chapters covering phytogeography, morphology, cultivation, and conservation, as well as guidance on rating plants, come together to make this an essential, comprehensive volume.
Transatlantic Gardener
"The simple and elegant design of the pages entices us into the depth of the comprehensive content while the fourteen paintings . . . combine the beauty of the individual species with botanical accuracy. . . . For serious enthusiasts and growers, and for people like me helping everyday gardeners choose good plants and grow them well, books like this are indispensible."
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1.  History of the Genus Erythronium
Systematics and conservation
Reproductive Biology
Pollination Biology
Population Dynamics
Phylogenetic systematics and recognition of species and intraspecific taxa
2. Phytogeography
Development of the current distribution pattern
3. Morphology
Stem and leaves
Inflorescence and flower
Stamens (Androecium)
Style and ovary (Gynoecium)
Fruit and seed
Phylogenetic analysis of morphological data
4. Cytology, Anatomy, Palynology, and Phylogenetic Studies
Floral morphology and anatomy
Developmental biology
Phylogenetic studies (molecular and combined)
5. Ecology and Conservation
Ecology and population dynamics
Breeding barriers, allopatry, and sympatry
6. Taxonomic Mistreatment
Key to the species Erythronium
Species concept
Generic description
Species accounts
Synonyms of taxa in other genera, or for which an accepted species has not been identified
7. Hybrids and Cultivars
Natural hybrids
Garden hybrids and cultivars
8. Cultivation
Erythonium in the open garden
Companion plants
Growing Erythronium in pots
Pests and diseases
Glossary and Abbreviations
Selected Bibliography and References
Scientific Names
Common Names
Erythronium Cultivar Names and Hybrids
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