Paper $12.95 ISBN: 9780979405754 Published July 2009

The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual

The Network of Concerned Anthropologists

The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual
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The Network of Concerned Anthropologists

Distributed for Prickly Paradigm Press

With Contributions by Catherine Besteman, Andrew Bickford, Greg Feldman, Roberto J. González, Hugh Gusterson, Kanhong Lin, Catherine Lutz, David Price, and David Vine

140 pages | 4-1/2 x 7 | © 2009
Paper $12.95 ISBN: 9780979405754 Published July 2009

At a moment when the U.S. military decided it needed cultural expertise as much as smart bombs to prevail in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon’s Counterinsurgency Field Manual offered a blueprint for mobilizing anthropologists for war. The Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual critiques that strategy and offers a blueprint for resistance. Written by the founders of the Network of Concerned Anthropologists, the Counter-Counterinsurgency Manual explores the ethical and intellectual conflicts of the Pentagon’s Human Terrain System; argues that there are flaws in the Counterinsurgency Field Manual (ranging from plagiarism to a misunderstanding of anthropology); probes the increasing militarization of academic knowledge since World War II; identifies the next frontiers for the Pentagon’s culture warriors; and suggests strategies for resisting the deformation and exploitation of anthropological knowledge by the military. This is compulsory reading for anyone concerned that the human sciences are losing their way in an age of empire.

   Marshall Sahlins
Introduction: War, Culture, and Counterinsurgency
   Roberto González, Hugh Gusterson, David Price
Part I:  Counter-histories of Militarism
   1.  The Military Normal
        Catherine Lutz
   2.  Militarizing Knowledge
        Hugh Gusterson
Part II:  Countering the Counterinsurgency Manual
   3.  Faking Scholarship
        David Price
   4.  Radical or Reactionary?
        Greg Feldman
Part III:  Countering Counterinsurgency
   5.  Embedded
        Roberto González
   6.  Counter AFRICOM
        Catherine Besteman
Part IV:  Anthropological Implications
   7.  Anthropology and HUMINT
        Andrew Bickford
   8.  About Face!
        Kanhong Lin
Part V:  Alternatives
   9.  Proposals for a Humanpolitik
        David Vine
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