The Sciences in Enlightened Europe

Edited by William Clark, Jan Golinski, and Simon Schaffer

The Sciences in Enlightened Europe
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Edited by William Clark, Jan Golinski, and Simon Schaffer

580 pages | 22 halftones, 7 line drawings | 6 x 9 | © 1999
Paper $43.00 ISBN: 9780226109404 Published July 1999
Radically reorienting our understanding of the Enlightenment, this book explores the complex relations between "enlightened" values and the making of scientific knowledge. Here monsters and automata, barometers and botanical gardens, polite academies and boisterous clubs are all given their due place in the landscape of enlightened Europe.

The contributors examine the production of new disciplines through work with instruments and techniques; consider how institutions of public taste and conversation helped provide a common frame for the study of human and nonhuman natures; and explore the regional operations of scientific culture at the geographical fringes of Europe.

Implicated in the rise of both fascism and liberal secularism, the moral and political values that shaped the Enlightenment remain controversial today. Through careful scrutiny of how these values influenced and were influenced by the concrete practices of its sciences, this book gives us an entirely new sense of the Enlightenment.
Bibliographical Note
Pt. 1 Orientations
William Clark, Jan Golinski, and Simon Schaffer
1 The Enlightenment Our Contemporary
Dorinda Outram
Pt. 2 Bodies and Technologies
2 Biopolitics: Political Arithmetic in the Enlightenment
Andrea A. Rusnock
3 Barometers of Change: Meteorological Instruments as Machines of Enlightenment
Jan Golinski
4 French Engineers Become Professionals; or, How Meritocracy Made Knowledge Objective
Ken Adler
5 Enlightened Automata
Simon Schaffer
Pt. 3 Humans and Natures
6 Enlightened Monsters
Michael Hagner
7 The Science and Conversation of Human Nature
Marina Frasca-Spada
8 Metaphysics, Mathematics, and the Gendering of Science in Eighteenth-Century France
Mary Terrall
9 The "Nature" of Enlightenment
E.C. Spary
Pt. 4 Provinces and Peripheries
10 A Forgotten Newtonian: Women and Science in the Italian Provinces
Paula Findlen
11 Going Dutch: Situating Science in the Dutch Enlightenment
Lissa Roberts
12 Daedalus Hyperboreus: Baltic Natural History and Mineralogy in the Enlightenment
Lisbet Koerner
13 The Death of Metaphysics in Enlightened Prussia
William Clark
Pt. 5 Departures
14 Inner History; or, How to End Enlightenment
Nicholas Jardine
15 Afterword: The Ethos of Enlightenment
Lorraine Daston
List of Contributors
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