Mission on the Rhine

"Reeducation" and Denazification in American-Occupied Germany

James F. Tent

Mission on the Rhine
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James F. Tent

388 pages | © 1982
Paper $38.00 ISBN: 9780226793580 Published September 1984
German society underwent greater change under the four years of military occupation than it had under Hitler and the Nazis. The issue of reeducation lay at the heart of America's occupation policies. Encompassing denazification, restructuring of the school system, university reform, and cultural exchange, reeducation began as an idealistic (and naive) attempt to democratize Germany by making her over in the American image.

For this meticulously researched study, James F. Tent has drawn on a wealth of recently declassified documents and on numerous personal interviews with veterans of the Occupation. He brings to life not only the dilemmas American officials faced in balancing the need for a political purge against the need to rehabilitate a disrupted society but also the paradoxes involved in a democracy's attempt to impose its ideals on another people. His book chronicles the dedicated work of many Americans; it also illuminates America's Occupation experience as a whole.
1. Planning for Reeducation
2. First Operations in Germany
3. A Second Purge
4. Kulturkampf in Bavaria
5. Around the Zone
6. From Reeducation to Reorientation
A Note on the Sources
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