In the Shadow's Light

Yves Bonnefoy

In the Shadow's Light
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Yves Bonnefoy

Translated by John Naughton
With an Interview with Yves Bonnefoy
190 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1991
Paper $23.00 ISBN: 9780226064482 Published February 1991
This bilingual edition of the contemporary master's fifth work, Ce qui fut sans lumi, re, will delight, engage, and stir all lovers of poetry. Included here is an extensive new interview with the poet in English translation.

"Included here is a very helpful and touchingly personal interview with the poet. . . . For readers with no prior knowledge of Bonnefoy's work, this volume would be an excellent place to start."—Stephen Romer, Times Literary Supplement
Translator's Note
The Memory
The Trees
The Sparrow-Hawk
The Farewell
The Convex Mirror
A Stone
The Voice, Rising Up Once More
Again the Voice
Passing by the Fire
The Well
The Well, the Brambles
The Swiftness of the Clouds
The Lightning
The Edge of the Woods
A Stone
The Word Brambles, You Say
The Branch
On Branches Heavy with Snow
The Snow
Out by Where the Earth Ends
There in the Hollows of the Wind
Dedham, Seen from Langham
Psyche before the Castle of Love
The Top of the World
A Stone
The Restlessness of the Dream
The Land of the Treetops
The Summer Night
The Boat of the Two Dreams
The Task of Hope
Interview with Yves Bonnefoy
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