Gewirth's Ethical Rationalism

Critical Essays with a Reply by Alan Gewirth

Edited by Edward Regis Jr.

Gewirth's Ethical Rationalism
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Edited by Edward Regis Jr.

274 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1984
Cloth $64.00 ISBN: 9780226706917 Published May 1984
Alan Gewirth's Reason and Morality directed philosophical attention to the possibility of presenting a rational and rigorous demonstration of fundamental moral principles. Now, these previously unpublished essays from some of the most distinguished philosophers of our generation subject Gewirth's program to thorough evaluation and assessment. In a tour de force of philosophical analysis, Professor Gewirth provides detailed replies to all of his critics—a major, genuinely clarifying essay of intrinsic philosophical interest.
Introduction by Edward Regis Jr.
1. The Subjective Normative Structure of Agency
E. M. Adams
2. Gewirth's Ethical Monism
Marcus G. Singer
3. The Roots of Moral Reason
Renford Bambrough
4. Do Agents Have to be Moralists?
R. M. Hare
5. Against Ethical Rationalism
Kai Nielson
6. Rights and Conflicts
D. D. Raphael
7. Negative and Positive Rights in Gewirth's Reason and Morality
Jan Narveson
8. The "Is-Ought' Problem Resolved?
W. D. Hudson
9. Public Pursuit and Private Escape: The Persistence of Egoism
Jesse Kalin
10. Deontologism, Negative Causation, and the Duty to Rescue
Eric Mack
11. Gewirth and the Supportive State
Douglas J. Den Uyl and Tibor R. Machan
12. Are Marginal Agents 'Our Recipients'?
James F. Hill
13. Replies to My Critics
Alan Gewirth
Published Writings by Alan Gewirth
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