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God Without Being

Hors-Texte, Second Edition

Jean-Luc Marion

God Without Being

Jean-Luc Marion

Translated by Thomas A. Carlson and with a Foreword by David Tracy.
With a new Preface
344 pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 | © 1995, 2012
Paper $34.00 ISBN: 9780226505657 Published July 2012
E-book $10.00 to $34.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226505664 Published June 2012

 Jean-Luc Marion is one of the world’s foremost philosophers of religion as well as one of the leading Catholic thinkers of modern times. In God Without Being, Marion challenges a fundamental premise of traditional philosophy, theology, and metaphysics: that God, before all else, must be. Taking a characteristically postmodern stance and engaging in passionate dialogue with Heidegger, he locates a “God without Being” in the realm of agape, or Christian charity and love. If God is love, Marion contends, then God loves before he actually is.

First translated into English in 1991, God Without Being continues to be a key book for discussions of the nature of God. This second edition contains a new preface by Marion as well as his 2003 essay on Thomas Aquinas. Offering a controversial, contemporary perspective, God Without Being will remain essential reading for scholars and students of philosophy and religion.
“Daring and profound. . . . In matters most central to his thesis, [Marion]’s control is admirable, and his attunement to the nuances of other major postmodern thinkers is impressive.”—Theological Studies
“A truly remarkable work.”—First Things
“Very rewarding reading.”—Religious Studies Review
Translator’s Acknowledgments
Preface to the English Edition (1991)
Preface to the Second Edition (2012)
God Without Being
The Idol and the Icon
1. First Visible
2. Invisible Mirror
3. Dazzling Return
4. Conceptual Idol
5. Icon of the Invisible
6. The Face Envisages
7. Visible Mirror of the Invisible
8. The Icon in the Concept
Double Idolatry
1. The Function of the Idol
2. The Ambivalence of the Conceptual Idol
3. Metaphysics and the Idol
4. The Screen of Being
5. Note on the Divine and Related Subjects
The Crossing of Being
1. The Silence of the Idol
2. The Ontological Impediment
3. Being or Else (The Good)
4. The Indifference to Be
5. The Inessential Name Thus First
The Reverse of Vanity
1. Suspension
2. Boredom
3. Vanity of Vanities
4. As If
5. Melancholia
Of the Eucharistic Site of Theology
1. Let It Be Said
2. The Foreclosed Event
3. The Eucharistic Hermeneutic
4. Whereof We Speak
5. The Delay to Interpretation
The Present and the Gift
1. One or the Other Idolatry
2. Consciousness and the Immediate
3. Metaphysical or Christic Temporality
4. The Memorial
5. Epektasis
6. From Day to Day
7. The Gift of Presence
8. The Urgency of Contemplation
The Last Rigor
1. Predication
2. Performance
3. Conversions
4. Martyrdom
Thomas Aquinas and Onto-theo-logy  199
1. The Construction of the Question
2. The Characteristics of Onto-theo-logy
3. The Object of Metaphysica
4. Esse Commune and the Analogy
5. Cause and Foundation
6. The Causa Sui
7. The Horizon and the Name of Being
8. Answer to the Question: Esse without Being
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Review Quotes
Prabuddha Bharata
"A profound study on the perception of God with an identity."
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