Doctors and Their Workshops

Economic Models of Physician Behavior

Mark V. Pauly

Doctors and Their Workshops
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Mark V. Pauly

142 pages | © 1980
E-book $7.00 to $42.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226650463 Published May 2009

Doctors are obviously influential in determining the costs of their services. But even more important, many believe, is the influence physicians have over the use and cost of nonphysician health-care resources and services. Doctors and Their Workshops is the first comprehensive attempt to use economic analysis to understand some of the physician effects on nonphysician aspects of health care.

1. Physicians as Agents
2. Physicians and Hospitals
3. Physician Influence on the Productivity of Hospitals: Empirical Results
4. Physician Information and the Consumer's Demand for Care
5. The Availability Effect: Empirical Results
6. Hospital Beds, Hospital-oriented Physicians, and Hospital Use
7. Conclusions and Policy Implications
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