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Sale Catalog

Now through June 15th, 2022 you can get thought-provoking, independently published books for up to 90% off with code AD1958.

Our annual sale is one of the biggest university press book sales in the country. Every year we go through our overstock inventory and offer deep discounts on hundreds of books in subjects like history, fiction, art, science, travel, cooking, and more. Shop below or download a copy of our PDF catalog to get these amazing deals on scholarly and trade titles from the University of Chicago Press and our distributed publishers. Hurry! Supplies are limited on some books.

Featured Books

The Book of Caterpillars

A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from around the World

David G. James

Nuns Behaving Badly

Tales of Music, Magic, Art, and Arson in the Convents of Italy

Craig A. Monson


Adventures in Translation

Dennis Duncan

Decolonizing the Map

Cartography from Colony to Nation

James R. Akerman

Cats in Art

Desmond Morris

25 Women

Essays on Their Art

Dave Hickey

Catalog Titles

Ancient Studies and Classical Thought

    The Barbarians
    Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism
    The Rhetoric of Plato’s Republic
    The Greeks
    Essays in Ancient and Modern Historiography
    The Emergence of the Classical Style in Greek Sculpture
    The Persians
    Seeming and Being in Plato’s Rhetorical Theory
    Plato’s Philosophers

    Architecture, Design, and Photography

      The Architecture of Maritz & Young
      The Suit
      Charles Ellis Johnson and the Erotic Mormon Image
      The World the Trains Made
      Future Cities
      Communist Posters
      Power to the People
      Little Black Dress
      Plans of Chicago
      Beth Sholom Synagogue
      Carson Pirie Scott
      Art in Chicago

      Biography and Memoir

        Alfred Russel Wallace
        Fyodor Dostoevsky
        Bel Canto Bully
        A Small Door Set in Concrete
        Albert Camus
        Tennessee Williams
        Dialogue with Death
        Leonard Bernstein
        Virginia Woolf
        Georgia O’Keeffe
        Sophia Loren
        Simone de Beauvoir
        The Angel in the Marketplace

        Botany and Gardening

          Pollination Power
          A Portable Latin for Gardeners
          Lessons from the Great Gardeners
          Sexy Orchids Make Lousy Lovers
          New York City Gardens
          Gardening with Perennials
          A History of the Garden in Fifty Tools
          The Extraordinary Story of the Apple
          The Botanical Treasury
          Plant Evolution
          Herbs A to Z
          Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants
          Phytomedicines, Herbal Drugs, and Poisons
          Trees, Woods and Forests
          Deceptive Beauties

          British and European History

            Engineering the Revolution
            Dandyism in the Age of Revolution
            No. 10
            The Habsburgs
            A Very Queer Family Indeed
            The Curious World of Dickens
            Oscar Wilde Prefigured
            Burned Alive
            Imperial City
            Edge of Empires
            The Heroic City
            Pain and Retribution

            Conservation and Earth Science

              The Mountain
              All the Boats on the Ocean
              Gems and Gemstones
              Environmental Law for Biologists
              Our Magnetic Earth
              After Preservation


                Human Capital in History
                Risk Topography
                Well Worth Saving
                Down and Out in the New Economy
                After the Flood
                Women Working Longer
                High-Skilled Migration to the United States and Its Economic Consequences
                Hayek vs Keynes
                Founding Choices
                International Bankruptcy
                Organizations, Civil Society, and the Roots of Development
                Bourgeois Equality
                Selling Power
                The Political Origins of Inequality

                Education and Social Science

                  Becoming a Marihuana User
                  The Adjunct Underclass
                  The Purposeful Graduate
                  The Importance of Being Urban
                  Flavor and Soul
                  MOOCs and Their Afterlives
                  American Academic Cultures
                  Cannabis Consulting
                  Chicago’s Block Clubs
                  Class Warfare

                  Fun for All Ages

                    In Praise of the Bicycle
                    The Art of Good Manners
                    What Is Round?
                    What Is Red?
                    What Can Cats Do?
                    Beasts at Bedtime
                    Nature’s Portraits
                    The March Wind
                    Heath Robinson: How to be a Perfect Husband
                    We Made Uranium!
                    Doodling for Academics
                    Wrigley Field

                    Law and Political Science

                      Drones and the Future of Armed Conflict
                      Attorney for the Damned
                      The Myth of the Litigious Society
                      Wrong Turnings
                      Machiavelli on Liberty and Conflict
                      The Future of Healthcare Reform in the United States
                      Nut Country
                      The Chicago Companion to Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
                      Money, Power, and the People
                      The Fear of Barbarians

                      Military History

                        St. Louis and the Great War
                        Serving the Reich
                        The Nazi, the Painter and the Forgotten Story of the SS Road
                        The Huns Have Got my Gramophone!
                        Flashpoint Trieste
                        The Great Cat and Dog Massacre
                        Secrets in a Dead Fish
                        Jews in Nazi Berlin
                        28 June
                        The Consequences of the Peace
                        The Makers of the Modern World (complete series)

                        Recent and Bestselling Books at 20% Off

                          Democracy in the Time of Coronavirus
                          Black in White Space
                          The Blues Dream of Billy Boy Arnold
                          Reynard the Fox
                          The Elements
                          The Modern Myths
                          A History of the Second World War in 100 Maps
                          The Greatest Adventure
                          Hyphens & Hashtags*
                          Black Paper
                          Great Economic Thinkers
                          What’s Eating the Universe?
                          Belonging and Betrayal
                          How Schools Really Matter
                          Waters of the World
                          Geometry of Grief
                          Capitalism and Freedom
                          Afghan Napoleon
                          The Nutmeg’s Curse
                          How to Save a Constitutional Democracy
                          Ornette Coleman
                          Vincent’s Books
                          The Porch
                          The Botanical Adventures of Joseph Banks
                          Taking Leave, Taking Liberties
                          Pulp Empire
                          Presidents, Populism, and the Crisis of Democracy
                          The Making of Lewis Carroll’s Alice and the Invention of Wonderland
                          Around the World in 80 Words
                          Gen Z, Explained
                          Animals’ Best Friends
                          Ahab’s Rolling Sea
                          Come and Hear
                          Extraordinary Orchids
                          Heroes and Marvels of the Middle Ages
                          The Art of the Bird
                          Sex in the World of Myth
                          Land of Cockaigne
                          The Writer’s Map
                          The Eternal City
                          King of the World
                          They Thought They Were Free
                          Tropical Arctic
                          Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth
                          Seeing Silicon Valley
                          A Conspiratorial Life
                          We Are All Whalers
                          Pilgrimage to Dollywood
                          Paths of Fire
                          Keats’s Odes
                          Aesop’s Fables
                          Sheer Misery
                          Georgia O’Keeffe
                          Invisible China
                          Secrets of the Great Ocean Liners
                          The Pocket Epicurean
                          Waves Across the South
                          Yellowstone Wolves
                          A Month at the Front
                          A Drop of Treason
                          Policing the Big Apple
                          The Daily Henry David Thoreau
                          The Botany of Gin
                          Games People Played
                          Fully Grown
                          Pushing Cool
                          The Making of a King
                          Restricted Data
                          Crusade for Justice
                          Crime Dot Com
                          What Is Time?
                          The Subversive Simone Weil
                          The Other Dark Matter

                          Reference and Literary Studies

                            Shaggy Muses
                            The Art of Letter Writing
                            Staging History
                            Chicago by the Book
                            Famous Last Words
                            The Truth about Language
                            We Are Not Amused
                            The Architecture of Story
                            Last Words of the Executed
                            The Making of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
                            Echoes of Valhalla
                            On War and Writing
                            Improbable Libraries
                            Jane Austen’s Cults and Cultures
                            London in Quotations
                            New York in Quotations
                            A Brief History of the Spanish Language
                            The University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary, Sixth Edition: Diccionario Universidad de Chicago Inglés-Español, Sexta Edición
                            Jane Austen: Writer in the World
                            But Can I Start a Sentence with "But"?

                            Social History

                              A Brief History of Nakedness
                              Machines of Youth
                              The Mafia
                              A History of Language
                              A History of Reading
                              Stand Up Straight!
                              Higher and Colder
                              The Joy of Sets
                              Divas in the Convent
                              Nuns Behaving Badly
                              Of Beards and Men
                              Licentious Worlds
                              The Pleasure’s All Mine
                              Get Out of My Room!
                              Is the Cemetery Dead?
                              A Brief History of Death
                              With the Hand
                              Secrets of the Centenarians


                                Ask the Parrot
                                The Black Ice Score
                                Butcher’s Moon
                                Deadly Edge
                                Dirty Money
                                The Green Eagle Score
                                The Handle
                                The Hunter
                                The Jugger
                                The Man with the Getaway Face
                                The Mourner
                                Nobody Runs Forever
                                The Outfit
                                Plunder Squad
                                The Rare Coin Score
                                The Score
                                The Seventh
                                The Sour Lemon Score

                                World History

                                  The Water Kingdom
                                  Shanghai Nightscapes
                                  Faith and Sword
                                  Jerusalem 1900
                                  China in Revolution
                                  A History of the Arctic
                                  Empires and Anarchies
                                  North Korea’s Public Face

                                  American History

                                    The Streets of San Francisco
                                    Captain Joseph Boyce and the 1st Missouri Infantry, CSA
                                    Between Mao and McCarthy
                                    Liberty Power
                                    Home Front
                                    Frontier Seaport
                                    Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits
                                    Packaged Pleasures
                                    Inventing American Tradition
                                    Freedom’s Ballot
                                    Patty’s Got a Gun
                                    American Guides
                                    Newsprint Metropolis
                                    Outside the Gates of Eden
                                    Rising Up from Indian Country
                                    My Dear Molly
                                    Conspiracies of Conspiracies
                                    Arthur Vandenberg
                                    American Girls in Red Russia
                                    Blood Runs Green
                                    Rum Maniacs
                                    Facing Racial Revolution
                                    Who Freed the Slaves?
                                    The Work Ethic in Industrial America 1850-1920
                                    The Polarizers
                                    Buffalo Bill in Bologna
                                    Ties That Bound
                                    Confederate Cities
                                    The Democratic Surround
                                    We Have Not a Government
                                    The Thousand-Year Flood

                                    Cartography and Geography

                                      Decolonizing the Map
                                      Mapping the Middle East
                                      Trading Territories
                                      Worldly Consumers
                                      Picturing America
                                      The History of Cartography, Volume 6
                                      Cartographic Treasures of the Newberry Library
                                      The Mysteries of the Marco Polo Maps
                                      Maps of Paradise

                                      Places and Travel

                                        Beyond the Map
                                        Love of Country
                                        An Armchair Traveller’s History of Beijing
                                        An Armchair Traveller’s History of Finland
                                        An Armchair Traveller’s History of Tokyo
                                        Homer’s Mediterranean
                                        Millennium Park
                                        New York in Postcards 1880-1980
                                        Borges in Sicily
                                        The Cruel Way
                                        Rising Ground
                                        Hemingway in Italy
                                        Traveling in Place


                                          The Breakfast Book
                                          The Big Jones Cookbook
                                          Volcanoes and Wine
                                          Food on the Move
                                          Onions and Garlic
                                          Tea, Coffee & Chocolate
                                          The Medieval Kitchen
                                          A Rich and Fertile Land
                                          Fear of Food
                                          Smart Casual
                                          Dining Out
                                          Kew’s Global Kitchen Cookbook
                                          The Culinarians
                                          The Kosher Baker
                                          Culinary Herbs and Spices of the World
                                          Wood, Whiskey and Wine


                                            Abstraction in Reverse
                                            Leonardo, The Last Supper
                                            Lucian Freud
                                            Albrecht Dürer and the Epistolary Mode of Address
                                            The Modern Art Cookbook
                                            Fabricating the Antique
                                            Outliers and American Vanguard Art
                                            Andrzej Wróblewski: Recto / Verso
                                            Brushstroke and Emergence
                                            25 Women
                                            Accounts and Drawings from Underground
                                            Cats in Art
                                            Salvador Dalí and Andy Warhol
                                            Hannah Ryggen
                                            Jean-Antoine Houdon
                                            Leonardo da Vinci
                                            The Sensory World of Italian Renaissance Art
                                            Painting Paradise
                                            Portrait of the Artist
                                            Chagall to Malevich
                                            The Paper Zoo
                                            William Kentridge
                                            A Feast for the Eyes
                                            Gerhard Richter


                                              The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem
                                              The Evolution of Imagination
                                              The Government of Desire
                                              The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I
                                              The Death Penalty, Volume II
                                              Creatively Undecided
                                              Lies, Passions, and Illusions
                                              Artistic License
                                              The Actual and the Rational
                                              Arendt and America
                                              Why We Need Ordinary Language Philosophy
                                              Leo Strauss’s Defense of the Philosophic Life
                                              Negative Certainties
                                              Nietzsche, Psychology, and First Philosophy
                                              Articulating the World
                                              The Nonsense of Kant and Lewis Carroll
                                              The History of Continental Philosophy
                                              Becoming Political
                                              The Moral Meaning of Nature

                                              History and Philosophy of Science

                                                The Making of Modern Medicine
                                                Darwin Deleted
                                                Can Onions Cure Ear-Ache?
                                                Theodore Roosevelt in the Field
                                                Haeckel’s Embryos
                                                Ice Ship
                                                Does Science Need a Global Language?
                                                The Waterless Sea
                                                Visions of Science

                                                Life Sciences

                                                  The Longevity Seekers
                                                  Planet of Microbes
                                                  Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Spiders
                                                  How Dogs Work
                                                  What Is a Dog?
                                                  Common Ground
                                                  A Year with Nature
                                                  Don’t Look, Don’t Touch, Don’t Eat
                                                  Microbes from Hell
                                                  The Peregrine Returns
                                                  The Book of Caterpillars
                                                  Costa Rican Ecosystems
                                                  A World in One Cubic Foot
                                                  Rainbow Dust
                                                  Wild Sea
                                                  Elephant Don
                                                  Lions in the Balance
                                                  Fishes of the Open Ocean
                                                  Planet of the Bugs
                                                  Where Corals Lie
                                                  The Long and the Short of It
                                                  Foundations of Macroecology
                                                  Body by Darwin
                                                  The Desert

                                                  Mathematics and Physical Sciences

                                                    Time Travel and Warp Drives
                                                    How We See the Sky
                                                    Digital Typography
                                                    Selected Papers on Analysis of Algorithms
                                                    Selected Papers on Computer Languages
                                                    Selected Papers on Design of Algorithms
                                                    Selected Papers on Discrete Mathematics
                                                    Cracking the Einstein Code
                                                    The Calculus


                                                      From the Score to the Stage
                                                      Five Years Ahead of My Time
                                                      The Missouri Harmony Songbook
                                                      Blue Notes in Black and White
                                                      Civic Jazz
                                                      Duke Ellington’s America
                                                      Pick Up the Pieces
                                                      Curious and Modern Inventions
                                                      Sound Knowledge
                                                      O Sing unto the Lord
                                                      Vaudeville Melodies
                                                      Beethoven’s Symphonies
                                                      The Death and Resurrection of Elvis Presley
                                                      Bitten by the Blues
                                                      The Tango Machine
                                                      Easy Riders, Rolling Stones
                                                      Van Halen
                                                      Music in the World
                                                      Il trovatore
                                                      La traviata
                                                      Say No to the Devil

                                                      Fiction, Poetry, and Literature at $7

                                                        Lost Mars
                                                        Wallis’s War
                                                        The Maze Maker
                                                        Is It Good for the Jews?
                                                        The Safe House
                                                        The Nightwatches of Bonaventura
                                                        Aristotle Detective
                                                        A Dog’s Head
                                                        I’ll Tell You Mine
                                                        Off Limits
                                                        Doña Barbara
                                                        The Bad Lands
                                                        The Great Fall
                                                        Storm Still
                                                        The Pistol
                                                        Notes for a Young Gentleman
                                                        A River Runs through It and Other Stories
                                                        Loving Little Egypt
                                                        Not Dead Yet and Other Stories
                                                        A Cage in Search of a Bird
                                                        Portrait of a Man Known as Il Condottiere
                                                        Catarina the Wise and Other Wondrous Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales
                                                        Afternoon Men
                                                        What’s Become of Waring
                                                        The Waste Land
                                                        A Certain Smile
                                                        The Emperor’s Pearl
                                                        The Haunted Monastery
                                                        Judge Dee at Work
                                                        Murder in Canton
                                                        Necklace and Calabash
                                                        The Willow Pattern
                                                        The Sea Is a Continual Miracle

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