Paper $60.00 ISBN: 9789069844206 Published August 2005 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe

The World of Emperor Charles V

Edited by Wim Blockmans and Nicolette Mout

The World of Emperor Charles V

Edited by Wim Blockmans and Nicolette Mout

Distributed for Edita-the Publishing House of the Royal

364 pages | 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 | © 2005
Paper $60.00 ISBN: 9789069844206 Published August 2005 Not for sale in the United Kingdom or Europe
The lengthy and eventful reign of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V has long intrigued European historians with its significant accomplishments in commerce, politics, and culture. This volume is the result of an international colloquium that sought to integrate a wealth of international research to construct a more comprehensive view of the Emperor’s pivotal role in the evolution of Western influence and power.

The distinguished contributors investigate three main areas of Charles’ reign. They examine the economic developments that emerged under his rule, including the financing of wars and how his merging of various realms stimulated trade between different regions. The authors then consider the structure of Charles’ political system, exploring the monarchy’s method for maintaining the secrecy of their communications and the structure of his vast empire’s administrative apparatus. The volume concludes with an examination of the unique relationship between Charles and artists, as he constructed and manipulated his public image through his support of artworks that glorified his deeds.

Wim Blockmans and Nicolette Mout
The Harvest of a Celebration: What more do we need to know about Charles V after the year 2000?

Part I - The Centre of the Empire

Mia J. Rodríguez-Salgado
Obeying the Ten Commandments: the First War between Charles V and Francis I, 1520-1529

James D. Tracy
War Finance and Fiscal Devolution in Charles V’s Realms

Peter Marzahl
Communication and Control in the Political System of Emperor Charles V.
The First Regency of Empress Isabella

José Martínez Millán
Corrientes Espirituales y Facciones Políticas en el Servicio del Emperador Carlos V

Part II - Integration of the Regions

Giovanni Muto
A Court without a King. Naples as Capital City in the First Half of the 16th Century

Giorgio Chittolini
Notes sur la politique fiscale de Charles Quint dans le duché de Milan: le ’nuovo catasto’ et les rapports entre ville et campagne

Arturo Pacini
Genoa and Charles V

Erik Aerts
économie, monnaie et société dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux de Charles Quint

Aline Goosens
Mourir pour sa foi au temps des réformes dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux

Péter Sahin-Tóth
A Difficult Apprenticeship. The Integration of Hungary into the Habsburg Monarchy in the 16th Century

Part III - Constructing the Imperial Image

Ulrike Becker
Das Bildnis des Kaisers. Zur Entstehung des ganzfigurigen Herrscherportraits

Uta Barbara Ullrich
Karl V. und der Triumph von Bologna: San Petronio als Erinnerungsstätte der Kaiserkrönung von 1530 - ein gescheitertes Projekt

Martina Fuchs
Die vielen Gesichter eines Kaisers. Zur Rezeption Karls V. in deutscher Epik und Dramatik

Alfredo Alvar
Spanish Empire Commemorations

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Amy R. Caldwell | H-Net Reviews
"Each individual article in this volume presents a unique look at the reign of Charles V. . . . The book is certainly a worthwhile volume, and one can hope that it is a sign of more Charles V research to come."
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