The ’War on Terror’

Post-9/11 Television Drama, Docudrama and Documentary

Edited by Stephen Lacey and Derek Paget

The ’War on Terror’

Edited by Stephen Lacey and Derek Paget

Distributed for University of Wales Press

240 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2015
Cloth $90.00 ISBN: 9781783162451 Published August 2015 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only
E-book $160.00 ISBN: 9781783162468 Will Publish October 2019 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only
The events of September 11th changed the world irreversibly, in ways that have reverberated throughout our cultural and media landscape. The War on Terror traces these reverberations through the medium of television, offering analyses of key programs and series that engage with, or are haunted by, the aftermath of September 11 and the “war on terror” that has followed. Individual chapters examine dramas representing the invasion of Iraq, such as Occupation and Generation Kill; war comedies, such as Gary, Tank Commander; documentaries such as the BBC Panorama’s coverage of the September 11th attacks; and September 11th in popular series such as CSI: New York. The book concludes with an extended reflection on contemporary docudrama and an interview with docudrama filmmaker Peter Kosminsky.
1. Introduction
Stephen Lacey and Derek Paget

2. Ways of Showing, Ways of Telling
Derek Paget

3. Embedded dramaturgy – representing the ‘war on terror’ from within: Ten Days to War, The Mark of Cain and Occupation
Stephen Lacey

4. Post 9/11 American Television Drama: 24 and Generation Kill as Melodrama
Steve Lipkin

5. The comedy of terror: Gary: Tank Commander and the TV sitcom’s ‘discourse of impropriety’.
Bruce Bennett

6. The Paranoid Style’s traumatic speculations of suffering
Hugh Ortega Breton

7. Mac and Monotheism: Remembering 9/11, Surviving Trauma and Mourning Work in CSI: NY
Janet McCabe

8. Britz, Contemporary British National Identity and the ‘War on Terror’
Steve Blandford

9. ‘It Won’t Be Iraq They’ll Remember Me For, Will It?’: Tony Blair and Dramatisations of The War On Terror
Stella Bruzzi

10. Panorama's coverage of 9/11 and the ‘War on Terror'
David McQueen

11. Interview with Peter Kosminsky
Peter Kosminsky and Derek Paget

12. Texts cited

13. Bibliography
Review Quotes
Jonathan Bignell, University of Reading
“The ‘War on Terror’ is an often-used but little-analyzed term, and in this collection leading international specialists unpack what is at stake in television that engages with it in factual, fictional, and docudramatic forms. This book is essential reading on how the small screen represents and shapes the times we live in.”
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