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Distributed for French National Museum Natural History

A Worldwide Review of Fossil and Extant Glypheid and Litogastrid Lobsters (Crustacea, Decapoda, Glypheoidea)

A major new reference on fossil, extant glypheid, and litogastrid lobsters, this book offers detailed descriptions of all 120 species alongside photographs and reproductions of historical illustrations when possible. The authors take into account recently added species, as well as progress in the analysis of their history and evolutionary development that has changed our view of the generic and familial classifications of these animals. With almost six hundred drawings, engravings, and photos, this volume is an essential guide to the many types of lobsters.

307 pages | 583 color plates | 8 1/2 x 11 | © 2013

Biological Sciences: Natural History


“Charbonnier and colleagues do what has always been a taxonomic dream of mine—they have taken an entire group of animals and exhaustively refigure, redescribe, and review the members of the group. . . . The book itself is gorgeous. It is filled with full-color illustrations of specimens, and reproductions of original illustrations. It lives up to the high standard set by Charbonnier. . . . For anyone who appreciates a good fossil crustacean or living fossils in general, this volume is a must-have.”

Thomas A. Hegna, Western Illinois University | Priscum

Table of Contents


Pioneers of the fossil glypheids
French pioneers
German pioneers
British pioneers
Modern studies on fossil glypheids
Inter-war period
After the Second World War
Institutional abbreviations
Anatomical abbreviations
Anatomical terminology

Family Glypheidae Zittel, 1885
Genus Glyphea Meyer, 1835
Species doubtfully attributed to Glyphea
Genus Paraglyphea Beurlen, 1928
Species doubtfully attributed to Paraglyphea
Genus Glypheopsis Beurlen, 1928
Species doubtfully attributed to Glypheopsis
Genus Trachysoma Bell, 1858
Angarestia n. gen.
Species doubtfully attributed to Angarestia
Gigarecina n. gen.
Rectaglyphea n. gen.
Species doubtfully attributed to Rectaglyphea
Genus Heteroglyphaea Colosi, 1921
Genus Neoglyphea Forest & de Saint Laurent, 1975
Genus Laurentaeglyphea Forest, 2006
Family Litogastridae Karasawa, Schweitzer & Feldmann, 2013
Genus Litogaster Meyer, 1847
Species doubtfully attributed to Litogaster
Genus Pseudoglyphea Oppel, 1861
Species doubtfully attributed to Pseudoglyphea
Audogaster n. gen.
Species doubtfully attributed to glypheoid lobsters
Doubtful species of Decapoda
Species attributed to other crustacean families


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