The Waldheim Report

Report to Establish the Military Service of 1st Lieutenant Kurt Waldheim submitted in 1988 to the Austrian Government

The International Commission of Historians (The Waldheim Commission).

The Waldheim Report

The International Commission of Historians (The Waldheim Commission).

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224 pages
Paper $42.00 ISBN: 9788772892061 Published October 1993 NFS UK, IRELAND, AND SCANDINAVIA
The report on Kurt Waldheim’s activities in the Balkans during World War II attracted political attention when its conclusions became known in 1988. But the report itself was never published. It is an important document in connection with any discussion on war crimes and responsibility. It proves that Waldheim, to a certain extent, knew of deportations of Jews and Italian soldiers as well as of massacres of civilian populations. It concludes that by endorsing documents relating to the interrogation of prisoners who were subsequently executed, First Lieutenant Waldheim had knowledge of them and of those events, and also became part of the military machine which brought about those events. Waldheim’s claim that "knowledge of a crime is not a crime itself" is not regarded in the report as acceptable without qualification.


      Manfred Messerschmidt

I. Introductory Observations

II. Attitude toward National Socialism

      1. Membership in National Socialist Organizations

      2. The Doctoral Dissertation

III. Organization and Structure of Command

      1. Overview

      2. Structure of Command

      3. Experiences in Russia

IV. Function in the Staff of Army Group E

      1. Differentiation between Ic and AO

      2. Position of the O3

      3. Activity of the O3 on Staff, Army Group E/Army High Command 12

V. Allied Commando Operations, Prisoners and Interrogations

VI. Deportations of Jews from the Greek Mainland and Islands

      1. Time Framework

      2. Waldheim and the Expulsion of the Jews of Greece

      3. Summary

VII. Removal of Italian Prisoners/Internees

VIII. Measures Against Partisans, Prisoners and Those Attempting to Escape – “Mopping-Up Operations” and “Reprisals”

      1. Command Situation

      2. East Bosnia (Kampfgruppe General Bader)

      3. West Bosnia (Kampfgruppe Westbosnien)

      4. The Zvonimir Medal

      5. Operation Black (Operation Schwarz)

      6. The Meeting at Podgorica

      7. Further Events 1943-44 in Greece and Yugoslavia

IX. A Hearing Between the Independent, International Commission of Military Historians and the Federal President in his Residence on January 26, 1988

X. Concluding Remarks

Glossary and Abbreviations

Appendix: The Review of Kurt Waldheim’s war-time record in Greece by the British Ministry of Defence, London, October 1989 – A comment by C. M. Woodhouse, head of the Allied Military Mission in occupied Greece, 1943-1944

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