Cloth $62.50 ISBN: 9789087282745 Published April 2018 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada

Voyage of Discovery

Exploring the Collections of the Asian Library at Leiden University

Edited by Alexander Reeuwijk

Voyage of Discovery

Edited by Alexander Reeuwijk

Distributed for Leiden University Press

296 pages | 300 color plates | 9 x 11 1/2
Cloth $62.50 ISBN: 9789087282745 Published April 2018 For sale only in the United States, its dependencies, the Philippines, and Canada
In September 2017, Leiden University will open the Asian Library to house its extensive and world-renowned Asian collections. This includes the largest collection on Indonesia worldwide and some of the foremost collections on South and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Korea. Voyage of Discovery contains more than twenty essays by academics, curators, and authors on their experiences with the Leiden collections. Richly illustrated and showcasing twenty-five treasures from the Asian Library, such as unique manuscripts and rare maps, this book offers a beautiful look inside the Asian Library.
Carel Stolker
The Asian Library at Leiden University
Peter Frankopan
‘A more accurate view of the conditions in the East’: Leiden University and Asian Studies
Wim van den Doel
The Asian Collections in Retrospective
André Bouwman
A Major International Knowledge Hub on Asia
Kurt de Belder
Asia in General
Portal of a Mosque in Delhi
Reconnecting Asia: The World Systems of Georg Hornius
Jos Gommans and Ineke Loots
Manuscript chart of the Indian Ocean
Books and Manuscripts on the Move from East to West (and vice versa)
Kasper van Ommen
Itinerario, voyage ofte schipvaart van Jan Huygen van Linschoten naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien
Confidential or Commercial?
The Conflicting Interests within the Blaeu and Van Keulen Mapmaker Families
Martijn Storms
Journael of dachregister van de reis van het fluitschip Castricum
Eyes on Asia: Photographic Memory of a Continent
Maartje van den Heuvel
Insecta et Animalia

South Asia
Devī māhātmya
Visitors to India: Travelling with Old Travel Books
Alexander Reeuwijk
Mata ni pachedi
Hindu pilgrimage map of Braj
Serendipity among Books: the Van Manen Collection
Berthe Jansen
Large Charter on copper plates with seal of King Rājendra Chola I
The elephant map of Ceylon
Sanskrit Manuscripts from the Kern Collection
Peter Bisschop
Kammavācā manuscripts
Southeast Asia
Visualising Female Islamic Leadership in Indonesia: Suara Aisyiyah and Amanah
Tika Ramadhini and David Kloos
Tile tableau commissioned by the KVOW
Maps in the Crowd: Crowdsourcing Old Maps in the Special Collections
Patrick Gouw and Martijn Storms

Batak rifleman’s manual
Travelling through the Emerald Belt: A Plea for a Post-Colonial Double Perspective
Rick Honings
The Maecenas and the Misanthrope: Gerret P. Rouffaer and Herman Neubronner van der Tuuk
Frank Okker
Babad Paku Alaman
Pliny of the Indies: Rediscovering Georg Rumphius’ Ambonese Herbal
Norbert Peeters
Elephants in Raub
It All Began with a Cleveringa Lecture: The Kong Koan Archive of Batavia
Leonard Blussé
Yakarta, Karet Tengsin
A Proper Send-Off: Farewell Albums from the Netherlands Indies
Liesbeth Ouwehand
Illustrated Balinese manuscript

Secret Treasures: Prince Dipanegara in the Javanese Manuscripts
Peter Carey
East Asia
Chongxiu Zhenghe jing shi zheng lei beiyong bencao
A Digital Database of North Korean Printed Posters
Koen de Ceuster
Map of the rooms and the interior of the castle in Edo
The Korean Cinema Collection
Namhee Han
Japanese map of Korea
C.F.M. de Grijs and the Sino-Dutch Treaty of Tientsin (1863)
Koos Kuiper
Manuscript map of Shima
The Way of Collecting the Dao
Marc Gilbert
The Diamond Sutra
‘He ate a lot and loved to eat’: Robert van Gulik, Asian Food, and the Leiden Collections
Alice de Jong and Anne Gerritsen
Illustrated rules and rites
An Unexpected Acquisition: Siebold’s Legacy
Harm Beukers
Map and description of Chongjia Wan Bay (…)
Charting One’s Own World: Early Modern Japanese Maps
Ivo Smits
Farewell at the River Ba
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