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Distributed for Center for the Study of Language and Information

Theoretical Aspects of Kashaya Phonology and Morphology

This study discusses a wide range of phonological and morphological phenomena in Kashaya, a Pomoan language of northern California, and considers their implications for current theories of generative grammar. The volume raises issues in feature theory, presents a prosodic analysis, and discusses numerous morphological patterns.

408 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1993

Dissertations in Linguistics

Language and Linguistics: Language Studies, Phonology and Phonetics, Syntax and Semantics

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Ch. 1: Introduction
1.1: Theoretical Assumptions
1.2: Background and Previous Work
1.3: Notation and Abbreviations
Ch. 2: Segmental Representations
2.1: Segment Inventory
2.2: Underlying Representations
2.3: Glottalized and Aspirated Sonorants
2.4: The Status of Glides
Ch. 3: Segmental Processes
3.1: Rules Targeting Laryngeal Features
3.2: Place Node Delinking
3.3: Vowel-Consonant Interactions
3.4: Vowel Harmony
3.5: Other Rules
Ch. 4: Constraint-Triggered Rules
4.1: Review of Rules
4.2: Background
4.3: Application to the Kashaya Data
Ch. 5: Metrical Phonology
5.1: Basic Prosody
5.2: Persistence
5.3: The Special Status of Long Vowels
5.5: Analysis
5.6: Cumulativity and Peripherality
5.7: Further Issues
Ch. 6: Mora and Syllable Structure
6.1: Basic Prosodic Structure
6.2: Closed-Syllable Shortening
6.3: Final-Consonant Extraprosodicity
6.4: Laryngeal Increments
6.5: The Decrement
6.6: Elision
6.7: Glide Deletion
6.8: Morphological Shortening
Ch. 7: Organization of the Phonology and Morphology
7.1: Traditional Position Classes
7.2: An Analysis in Terms of Levels
7.3: Level Ordering
Ch. 8: Morphological Details
8.1: Templatic Morphology
8.2: Infixation
8.3: Reduplication
8.4: Aphesis
8.5: Compounding
8.6: The Kinship System
Ch. 9: Conclusions
List of Verb Suffixes

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