Skijor With Your Dog

Mari Høe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor

Skijor With Your Dog

Mari Høe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor

Distributed for University of Alaska Press

200 pages | 59 line drawings, 42 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 1991
E-book $14.95 ISBN: 9780963085412 Will Publish April 2011

Skijoring is the exciting sport of being pulled on skis by one or more dogs in harness. With 200 pages and more than 75 photos and illustrations, Skijor With Your Dog is the first full-length volume written for those interested in this simple, enjoyable Scandinavian sport. In this book you will find: how to teach your dog to pull, what equipment you need, how to include children, racing tips and how to train for competition, and how to camp and travel with dogs.

Designed for easy reading, this practical guide to skijoring is a must for anyone interested in dogs, skiing, and winter fun.



1        Dog-driving with skis

Where Did Skijoring Come From?

So What’s the Big Deal?

Skijoring and Dog Mushing: What’s the Difference?

2        Teaching yourself to skijor

Basic Skills

Skiing Techniques

Skijoring Goals

3        Equipment

Outfitting the Skier

Outfitting the Dog

Finding Skijoring Equipment

Making Your Own Equipment

Plan Ahead for Conditions


4        Teaching your dog to skijor

Skijoring 101: Teaching Your Pet to Pull

Skijoring 102: Training from the Pup Up

Skijoring Command Basics

More Skijoring Techniques

Potential Problems and Possible Solutions

More Training Philosophy


5        Trails and trail etiquette

Public Image

Compatible Use

Where to Find Trails

Making Your Own Trails

6        Dog care and feeding


Dog Yard Maintenance

Feeding and Watering

Small-Kennel Management

Physical Care

7        Choosing a skijoring dog

A Few Words about Dog Breeds

Before You Add a Working Dog to Your Life

Choosing a Dog Breed for Skijoring

A Buyer’s Guide to Puppies

A Buyer’s Guide to Adult Dogs



8        Nordic-style dog mushing

A Brief History

Equipment for Nordic-Style Mushing

Making Your Own Pulk

Teaching Your Dog to Pull a Pulk

9        Touring and winter camping

Plan Ahead

Equipment for People

People Food

Equipment for the Dog

Food for the Dog

First Aid

Snow Caves

Touring Checklist

10    Skijoring with children and the disabled

Pulks for Children

Teaching Children How to Skijor

Skijoring with the Disabled

11    Competition

A Little Background on Races

What to Expect in Skijoring and Nordic-Style Races

A Day at the Races

Tips for Competition

Training the Competitive Skijoring Dog

Race-Day Logistics

Mari’s Suggested Training Calendar

12    Where can we go from here?

The Competitive Connection

Where is the Sport Going?

Future Skijoring Races

The Olympics?

But It’s Really the Dog





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