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A Shaker Musical Legacy

This fascinating book brings more than one hundred previously unpublished Shaker songs to the attention of scholars, performers, and aficionados of folk music. A Shaker Musical Legacy introduces Shaker songs and dances that Brother Ricardo Belden, the last male member of the Hancock Shakers, gave in original manuscript form to Jerry and Sybil Count, the first directors of the Shaker Village Camp. The Opdahls have selected from and transcribed this music and included dance directions to honor Brother Ricardo’s hope that doing so would keep alive a part of the Shaker heritage. The songs are transcribed as modern musical scores for use by contemporary musicians and singers. Many examples are also shown in their original Shaker musical notation. Step-by-step instructions show how to perform the dances as the Shakers themselves danced them. Explanatory notes introduce each of nine musical sections.

360 pages | 8 1/2 x 11

Music: General Music

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Table of Contents

Illustrations • Foreword by Stu Jamieson • Preface • Acknowledgements • Introduction: The Shakers by Jerry Grant • Notes on Transcribing and Editing: Process and Rationale - Facsimilies of Selected Songs • O ho I do love good believers • O Come each lovely Child of grace • I love God’s way • "Round Dance" • Like a little busy bee • "The Saviour’s Universal Prayer" • "Bonny Wee One" • In de shiny Muder’s mansion • Earthly pleasures I will leave • We are all coming home • Thust in the Lord • Sowing the seed of the Springtime • We’re happy and free • We are strong in the Lord • hark! The merry Bells are ringing • (Lodle lo lodle lodle lo) • I will praise trhe Lord • My sould loves to walk • I love to commune with the angels • Behold what wonders now we see - ManuscriptA: "A Collection of Verses" • O how I do love good believers • I have a little love O Come each lovely Child of grace • Let music sound and echo ’round • I’m looking ’round about to see • I am determined to be free • Come let us all now be alive • I will labor to be free • I love God’s way • I will be free, I’ll not be bound • Lovely souls march along • "March" (Lo lo lo lo) • In this new and living way • May we now in pure devotion • Come let us play and skip around • O freedom, lovely in my eyes • O lord, do remember my soul • "Gifts of the Spirit" • Farewell unto this world • "The Happiness of Being Good" • "Little Big I" • "Love and Peace" • "Hapy Band" • "Sweet Communion" • "Round dance" (There’s Nothing...) • Shout, shout, shout, and sing • Shout, shout, ye little children • Simple and free • "Heavenly Stream" • "A Laughing Song" • I have a little trumpet • Drink ye of Mother’s wine • Little Children • Like a little busy bee - Manuscript B: "A Communication from the Saviour" • "The Saviour’s Universal Prayer" • And again, O Heavenly Father - Manuscript C: "Behold I Come Quickly and My Promise Is Sure • Shake and Shuffle out of pride • (Lodle lo lodle lodle lodle lo) • "Sweet Union" • "Round Dance" (Now be limber) • "Little Dove" • "Hear Mother Calling" • I’ll bow and I’ll bend • Little children, gather love • "March" (Ve vo vive vana) • "Bonny Wee One" • In de shiny Muder’s mansion • Who will bow and bend like a willow • I feel the gentle breezes blow • Let the people be glad • Earthly Pleasures I will leave • We are all coming home • "Bright Harpers" • "Sweet Afton" - Manuscript D: "I Feel a Sweet Influence upon Us" • I feel a sweet influence • Trust in the Lord • Sowing the seed of the springtime • We’re happy and free • Up with the Angels • Come, come, the way is op’ning • O what will the harvest be • I am loved as I love • We are strong in the Lord • With my own hand I will shake • Hark! The merry bells are ringing • I seek not the world • ’Tis the gift to be simple • The heavens are open • I’ve got a very delicious crumb - Manuscript E: "Peaceful Habitation" • "Shuffle Tune" • Life, life, liberty • "Love" • (Lodle lo lodle lodle lo) • Arise. O Zion • I’ll drink at no fountain • From the Valley to the Mount • Come. tune up your notes of praise • We’ll raise, raise the banner high • From the scenes of earth I go • Wither, O whither on earth can I roam • I hear the voice of an angel band • Our love never ending - Mabuscript F: "Tho Life’s Morn Rose Bright and Cloudless" • Tho life’s morn rose bright and cloudless • The stars will not fade • Whence comes the hope • Life, life, living zeal • With joy we chant • I will praise the Lord • The world I’ve forsaken • Above the Enchanting allurements • I see a light, and angels bright • In life’s early morning • Tho worldly elements combine • Gird on the heav’nly armor • O thou, my soul, arise and sing • To the realms of peace and love • Come arise, be of good cheer • Not one sparrow is forgotten • I cannot serve the living God • My soul loves to walk • When I come to worship thee • To the land of the blest • Send, O Lord, thy holy power • Ever changing, ever aiming • Come to Zion • Mov’d by the spirit of the Lord • No half-way work - Manuscript G: "Listen O Listen to One Humble Prayer" • Oh come, ye needy ones • Love me, bless me, holy angels • "I’m glad I am a Shaker" • I love to sommune with angels - Manuscript H: "We’ll Broaden Our Circle and Let in the Angels" • Behold what wonders now we see • O earth’s fleeting joys • Oh come walk with me • Songs of victory • Oh the river of life - Manuscript I: "The Homeland" • "The Death of Lincoln" • "Harp Song" • "Farewell Song" • "Love from Heaven" • "Bright Little Gem" • "Sweet Rest" - Beyond the Manuscripts • "I’m on My Way to Zion" • "Ine Vine Violet" • "Love, O Love" • Shaker Hollow Square Dance Instructions • "Life, life, living zeal" • Hollow C March Instructions • "Precept on Precept" • "Simple Gifts": Anecdotes • "Simple Gofts" • "Simple Gifts": The Embellishments of Brother Ricardo • Square Order Shuffle Dance Instructions • Circle Dance Instructions • "Who will bow and bend like a willow - Appendix A: Shaker and Community Names in the Song Manuscript - Appendix B: Haskell’s Cursive Notation - Appendix C: A Hancock Shaker Recollection - Notes - Song Notes - Glossary - Works Cited - Works Consulted - General Index - Song Index

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