Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History: Volume 13

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History: Volume 13

Distributed for ACMRS Press

296 pages | 6 x 9
Cloth $150.00 ISBN: 9780866988636 Published February 2019
All Ebooks $150.00 ISBN: 9780866987523 Published December 2018
Formerly published by AMS Press, Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History continues with an annual volume now published by ACMRS.
The Agentive Cross: The Dream of the Rood, Lines 35–38
Thomas D. Hill, Cornell University

The Wife of St. Eustace
Robin Norris, Carleton University

Health and Healing in the Anglo-Saxon World
Renée R. Trilling, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Art of Salvation: Sacramental Penance in Dante’s Commedia
Mihow P. McKenny, University of Notre Dame

The Chivalrous Life of Buonaccorso Pitti: Honor-Violence and the Profession of Arms in Late Medieval Florence and Italy
Peter W. Sposato, Indiana University, Kokomo

Agostino Steuco and the Debate on the Donation of Constantine
Michele Zanobini, Fettes College

Conjectural Knowledge and Metaphor: Implications of Nicholas of Cusa’s De Coniecturis
Clyde Lee Miller, Stony Brook University

From Theocracy to Natural Law: Consideration on Las Casa’s Intellectual Evolution
Víctor Zorrilla, Universidad de Monterrey

Some Elizabethan Cryptica: Ramifications of Willobie His Avisa
Anna Rist, Independent Scholar

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