The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone

Once a Burglar, Always an Artist

Rob Donovan

The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone

Rob Donovan

Distributed for Unicorn Publishing Group

176 pages | 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
Cloth $30.00 ISBN: 9781912690428 Published June 2020 For Sale in USA and Canada Only

I have chosen to tell Jago’s story through the filter of my own journey of discovery since 1976. The book does not have a linear plot; as new material has come to light through my research, my central role has been to bring this material together in a coherent and readable way. This is a real-time detective story that I am inviting you, the reader, to share.

This fascinating, unconventional biography traces the life of the prize-winning burglar-turned-international-artist Jago Stone (1928–88). A charismatic rebel who tilted at the windmills of conformity, Stone was also an interesting character, a restless soul, and a talented artist whose watercolors and oil paintings deserve a wider audience. 

Rob Donovan’s in-depth research expands on Stone’s own telling in The Burglar’s Bedside Companion: Astounding True-Life Escapades of a Super Crook, providing a comprehensive portrait of the life and art of the robber–artist as well as the complex and changing twentieth-century-world in which he lived. A rich, illuminating reading experience, The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone is compelling and true, and a story worthy of discovery and celebration.

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