Paper $45.95 ISBN: 9781447321866 Published September 2016 For sale in North and South America only
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Revisiting Moral Panics

Edited by Viviene E. Cree, Gary Clapton, and Mark Smith

Revisiting Moral Panics

Edited by Viviene E. Cree, Gary Clapton, and Mark Smith

Distributed for Bristol University Press

With an Introduction by Chas Critcher
276 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2015
Paper $45.95 ISBN: 9781447321866 Published September 2016 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447321859 Published September 2015 For sale in North and South America only
We live in a world that is increasingly characterized as risky, dangerous, and threatening. Every day, a new social issue emerges seemingly designed to provoke a shared sense of panic. Drawing on the popular UK Economic Social and Research Council seminar series, this book uses the concept of moral panic to examine these social issues and anxieties and the solutions to them. With an introduction by Charles Critcher—coeditor of Moral Panics in the Contemporary World—and contributions from both well-known and up-and-coming researchers and practitioners, this book offers a stimulating and innovative overview of moral panic ideas for students and practitioners and an accessible introduction to the concept for a wider general public.
Commentary - Charles Critcher
Preface - Viviene E. Cree, Gary Clapton & Mark Smith

Part 1: Gender and the Family
Introduction - Viviene E. Cree
1. Women and children first. Contemporary Italian moral panics and the role of the state - Morena Tartari
2. Myths, monsters and legends: negotiating an acceptable working class femininity in a marginalised and demonised Welsh locale - Dawn Mannay
3. Making a moral panic - ‘Feral families’, family violence and welfare reforms in New Zealand: Doing the work of the state? - Liz Beddoe
4. The wrong type of mother: moral panic and teenage parenting - Sally Brown
5. Amoral panic: The fall of the autonomous family and the rise of ‘early intervention’ - Stuart Waiton
Afterword - Maggie Mellon

Part II: Young People, Children and Childhood
Introduction - Gary Clapton
1. Child protection and moral panic - Ian Butler
2. Unearthing Melodrama: Moral Panic Theory and the Enduring Characterisation of Child Trafficking - Joanne Westwood
3. Lost childhood? - Kay Tisdall
4. Internet risk research and child sexual abuse: a misdirected moral panic? - Ethel Quayle
5. The Rotherham Abuse Scandal - Anneke Meyer
Afterword - Mark Hardy

Part III The State, Government and Citizens
Introduction - Viviene E. Cree
1. Children and Internet Pornography: A Moral Panic, a Salvation for Censors and Trojan Horse for Government Colonisation of the Digital Frontier - Jim Greer
2. Internet Radicalisation and the ‘Woolwich Murder’ - David McKendrick
3. Moralising discourse and the dialectical formation of class identities: The social reaction to 'Chavs' in Britain - Elias Le Grand
4. The presence of the absent parent: Troubled families and the England ‘riots’ of 2011 - Steve Kirkwood
5. Patient Safety: A moral panic - William Fear
Afterword - Neil Hume

Part IV: Moral Crusades, Moral Regulation and Morality
Introduction - Mark Smith
1. The Moral Crusade Against Paedophilia - Frank Furedi
2. Animal Welfare, Morals and Faith in the ‘Religious Slaughter’ Debate - David Grumett
3. From genuine to sham marriage: Moral panic and the ‘authenticity’ of relationships - Michaela Benson & Katharine Charsley
4. Integration, Exclusion and the Moral ‘Othering’ of Roma Migrant Communities in Britain - Colin Clark
5. Assisted Dying: Moral Panic or Moral Issue? - Malcolm Payne
Afterword: Heather Lynch
Review Quotes
British Journal of Social Work
“A timely international collection on the adaptation of moral panics analysis to contemporary social work issues.”
Journal of Social Work
"A very good introduction to the continuing relevance and dynamism of the concept of moral panics in contemporary times."
Professional Social Work
"This book is a strong collection of well-developed, critical perspectives on moral panics in the twenty-first century. It will be an important text for students and practitioners pursuing post-qualifying awards."
Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books
“The book places social problems within a broader context and shows the varying ways social anxieties can be understood. In drawing together the case studies, the editors discuss how a combination of fear of social breakdown, the unknown and the ‘other’ can underpin anxieties and panics, which need to be responded to ‘ethically’. Such tendencies and fears in society mean moral panic is likely to be of continuing relevance, at least as a guide to understanding the different elements of a given social problem. . . . This readable, engaging book updates moral panic and shows its continuing relevance alongside a range of interrelated concepts and approaches.”
Jan Fook, Leeds Trinity University
"It provides a fresh angle and contributes to updating and developing the original concept."
Mark Drakeford, assembly member, Cardiff West
"The Revisiting Moral Panics seminar series was a fantastic success. The book lives up to it fully, constantly engaging the reader in the struggle to make social scientific sense of real world events and preoccupations."
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