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Table of Contents

1. The CALSUB cruise on the bathyal slopes off New Caledonia
Michel Roux
2. Protozoa, Xenophyophorea Granuloreticulosa: Psammina zonaria sp. nov. from the West Pacific and some aspects of the growth of xenophyophore
Ole Secher Tendal
3. Bryozoa: Living and fossil species of the catenicellid subfamilies Ditaxiporinae Stach and Vasignyellinae nov.
Dennis P. Gordon & Giampetro Braga
4. Cirripedia Thoracica: Verrucomorpha of New Caledonia, Indonesia, Wallis and Futuna Islands
John S. Buckeridge
5. Crustacea Amphipoda: Lysianassoids from the tropical western South Pacific Ocean
James K. Lowry & Helen E. Stoddart
6. Crustacea Isopoda: Bopyridae in the MUSORSTOM collections from the tropical Indo-Pacific. I. Subfamiliies Pseudioninae (in part), Argeiinae, Orbioninae, Athelginae and Entophilinae
John C. Markham
7. Crustacea Decapoda: The Indo-West Pacific species of Metapenaeopsis with stridulating organs (Penaeidae) (in French)
Alain Crosnier
8. Crustacea Decapoda: Complementary observations on the Indo-West Pacific species of Metapenaeopsis without stridulating organs (Penaeidae) with description of two new species (in French)
Alain Crosnier
9. Crustacea Decapoda: Penaeoidea collected in Indonesia during the KARUBAR cruise (in French)
Alain Crosnier
10. Crustacea Decapoda: Penaeoidea, Sicyoniidae excluded, collected in the economic zone of the Wallis and Futuna Islands during the MUSORSTOM 7 cruise (in French)
Alain Crosnier
11. Crustacea Decapoda: Deep-water Hermit Crabs (Parapaguridae) from French Polynesia with descriptions of four new species
Rafael Lemaitre
12. Crustacea Decapoda: Studies on the genus Munida Leach, 1820 (Galatheidae) in New Caledonia and adjacent waters with description of 56 new species
Enrique MacPherson

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