The Robotic Touch

How Robots Change Architecture

Matthias Kohler, Fabio Gramazio, and Jan Willmann

The Robotic Touch

Matthias Kohler, Fabio Gramazio, and Jan Willmann

Distributed for Park Books

490 pages | 660 color plates | 7 x 9 1/2 | © 2014
Cloth $50.00 ISBN: 9783906027371 Published May 2014
As the connection between data and building materials grows ever closer, with digital information not just informing plans but actually being used to create the material that will construct a building—robots are necessarily playing a large role in architecture. Yet the use of robots in architecture has not been treated comprehensively until now. The Robotic Touch features thirty research projects on robots in architecture originating at ETH Zurich, documenting various methods and concepts relating to the use of robots in architecture. In particular, The Robotic Touch offers the first full analysis of the material and constructive aspects of robot-based building projects—and draws out the implications for architectural design on the growing use of robots. The volume is rounded out by six topical essays on broader aspects of the subject, along with technical data-sheets and a helpful glossary.


Thriving Digital Materiality


The Programmed Wall

The Dissolved Wall

Gantenbein Vineyard Façade

The Resolution Wall

The Foam

The Robot

Structural Oscillations


The Sequential Wall

Pike Loop



A New Physis of Construction

The Stacked Pavilion

The Programmed Column



The Sequential Structure

The Sequential Roof

In Situ Robotic Fabrication

Code, Language, Design

Procedural Landscapes

Metal Folding

Flight Assembled Architecture

Spatial Wire Cutting

Acoustic Bricks

Spatial Aggregations

Shifted Frames

Complex Timber Structures

Reality Matters

Mesh Mould

Aerial Constructions

Smart Dynamic Casting

Rubble Aggregations

Robotic Metal Aggregations

Remote Material Deposition

Design of Robotic Fabricated High Rises


Review Quotes
CAA Reviews
"At the beginning of the twenty-first century, advancing technology offers another occasion for productive confusion in the design professions. . . . Gramazio and Kohler’s The Robotic Touch is a substantial and provocative document of this moment of productive confusion, . . .both a valuable document of past research and a text that projects itself into a seemingly ineluctable future."
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