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Table of Contents

The Present Under Past as De Re Interpretation
Dorit Abusch
Supraglottal Deletion in Yoruba Glides
Akinbiyi M. Akinlabi
Case Theory, Theta Theory, and Distribution of French Affected Datives
J-Marc Authier and Lisa Reed
On the Composition of COMP and Parameters of V2
Rakesh Bhatt and James Yoon
A Non-Unified Analysis of Agentive Verbs
Ann-Marie Broussaeu and Elizabeth Ritter
Kashaya Closed-Syllable Shortening and Prosodic Syllabification
Eugene Buckley
Functional WH and Weak Crossover
Gennaro Chierchia
Partitives and the Definiteness Effect
Illeana Comorovski
WH-Movement: Adjunction and Substitution
Viviane Deprez
Munster Irish Stress
Stress and Syntax-Phonology Mismatches: Tonal Domains in Danyang and Shanghai
San Duanmu
The Feature Specification of Uvulars
Jabier Elorrieta
A Case of Inflection before Derivation
S. Lee Fulmer
[Atr] and [Rtr] are Different Features
Heather Goad
On the Status of SPEC of IP
Grant Goodall
On the Locative Existential Construction in Chinese
Yang Gu
Clitics, Affix Order and the ECP
Marco Haverkort
Adjunct Extraction Without Traces
Michael Hegarty
On Infinitival Unbounded Dependency Constructions
 Thomas E. Hukari and Robert D. Levine
Impersonal Passives and Stage/Individual Level Predicates
Eloise Jelinek
The Ecp, Head-government, and Barrierhood
Yanghee Shim Joo
Anaphora Invariants and language Universals
Edward L. Keenan
Reciprocity in Turkish: Evidence against AGR as a Definition of Finiteness
Sarah D. Kennelly
A Uniform Analysis of Arbitrary Null Subjects and Objects
Boomee Kim
Spec-Head Agreement in DP
Anne Lobeck
On the Obligatory Character of Inversion in Spanish
Rejean Canac Marquis
On the Representation of Consonant Harmony in Navajo
Joyce M. McDonough
Scope Interpretation in Nonconstituent Coordination
Seungho Nam
Scrambling and Conditions on A-Movement
Spreading in the Acquisition of Universal Quantifiers
Interpreting Gerunds in Complement Positions
Paul Portner
A Misconceived Approach to Morphology
Geoffrey K. Pullum and Arnold M Zwicky
Binding Conditions and Chains
Eric Reuland and Tanya Reinhart
On Deriving Rule Domains: The Athapaskan Case
Keren Rice
Verb Second in Hebrew
Ur Shlonsky and Edit Doron
Pair-List Answers without Movement
Veneeta Srivastav
The Quantificational Force of Static and Dynamic Predication
Alice G.B. ter Meulen and Johan Rooryck
PRO and Obviation in Modern Greek Subjunctives
Arhonto Terzi
Coindexation and Constraints on Extraction
Robyne Tiedeman
A Demantic for Exception Phrases
Kai von Fintel
The Place of Clitics in the Prosodic Hierarchy
Draga Zec and Sharon Inkelas
CP-Adjoined Structure and Unmarked Accusative Case: pros and cons
Shi Zhang
Language Index
Subject Index

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