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Table of Contents

Locative Alternation vs. locative Inversion
Farrell Ackerman
Null Subjects in the DP and Inalienable Construal in French
J.-Marc Authier
Tough Movement as Function Composition
Samuel Bayer
Attributive Postnominal Adjectives in a Categorical Grammar
The Syntax of Generics: Japanese Evidence for the Quantificational Model
Chris Brockett
Edge-in Association and OCP ‘Violations’ in Tigrinya
Eugene Buckley
Gap Licensing in tough- and Similar Constructions
Hee-Rahk Chae
Feature Geometry of Vowels and Co-occurrence Restrictions in Cantonese
Lisa Lai Shen Cheng
External Arguments in Basque
Lisa Lai Shen Cheng, Hamida Demirdash
A Typology of Voicing Assimilation
Young-mee Yu Cho
The Minimal Word in Bengali
Jennifer Fitzpatrick Cole
A Formal Model of Linguistic Processing: Evidence from Aphasia
Thomas L/ Cornell, Victoria A. Fromkin, Gail Mauner
Dual-Position Affixes in Afar: An Argument for Phonologically-Driven Morphology
The ‘Faire-Par’ Construction in Romance and in Germanic
Maria Teresa Guasti
Head Movement Triggered by Weak Functional Heads
Girma Halefom
Phonological Evidence for the Surface Nonexistence of Empty Categories
Aaron L. Halpern
Operator Movement Within NP
Randall Hendrick
Against the Notion ‘Governing Category’
Arild Hestvik
Restrictions on Existential Sentences and Object-Scrambling: Some Facts From Dutch
Helen de Hoop
Tree Generation with Context-Sensitive Rules Yields only Context-Free Languages
Pauline Jacobson, Mark Johnson
Unacceptable Ambiguity in Categorial Grammar
Roger Janeway
Decapitation (of Some So-Called ‘Null Operator’ Constructions)
Charles Jones
Multiplanar Reduplication: Evidence from Sesotho
Louise McNally
English Aspectual Verbs as Generalized Quantifiers
Alice ter Meulen
The Multidimensional Part Structure of Events
Friederike Moltmann
Semantics of Common Noun Phrase Anaphora
John Nerbonne, Masyo Iida, William Ladusaw
A Non-transformational Analysis of Clitic Climbing in Spanish
Chiyo Nishida
Categorical Frameworks, Coordination, and Extraction
Richard T. Oehrle
Coronal or Velar Placeless Consonants
Carole Paradis and Jean-François Bangla
Gillian Rammchand
Verb-Second in Mainland Scandinavian: A Reanalysis
Charlotte Reinholtz
Restructuring Verbs are Light Verbs
Sara Thomas Rosen
How Many Feet per Language?
Cari Spring
Multiple Relatives and Polyadic Quantification
Veneeta Srivastav
Non-C-Commanding Antecedents of Bound Anaphora and Feature Percolation in Government and Binding Theory
Li-May Sung and Peter Cole
Specifier-Head Agreement in Japanese
Almeida Jacqueline Toribio
An Argument Sharing Approach to Ditransitive Constructions
Mireille Tremblay
Korean Tensing and Contrastive Specification
Charles H. Ulrich
Non-affixal Preposition Incorporation and Lexical Semantic Properties of Predicates
Shi Zhang
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