The Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Annual Child Language Research Forum

Edited by Eve V. Clark

The Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Annual Child Language Research Forum

Edited by Eve V. Clark

Distributed for Center for the Study of Language and Information

228 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1993
Paper $25.00 ISBN: 9781881526049 Published June 1993
Cloth $60.00 ISBN: 9781881526056 Published July 1993
This volume presents research in the field of first language acquisition discussed at the 1993 meeting of the Child Language Research Forum.

The contributors are Maria A. Alegre, Ursula Bellugi, Jeffrey G. Bettger, Paul Bloom, Melissa Bowerman, Ursula Brinkmann, Penelope Brown, Nancy Budwig, Joan Bybee, Alice Shuk-yee Cheung, Soonja Choi, Patricia Clancy, Stephen Crain, William Croft, Cynthia Crosser, Peter Culicover, Eve Danziger, Sonja Eisenbeiss, Karen Emmorey, Susan Ervin-Tripp, Claire Foley, Dicky G. Gilbers, Adele E. Goldberg, Alison Gopnik, Peter Gordon, Susan A. Graham, Jiansheng Guo, D. Geoffrey Hall, Alison Henry, James H. Hoeffner, Qian Hu, Tara Jackson, Catalina Johnson, Shyam Kapur, Bonita P. Klein, Edward S. Klima, Amy Kyratzis, Marie Labelle, Barbara Landau, Thomas Hun-tak Lee, Barbara Lust, Rachel I. Mayberry, James L. McClelland, Zelmira Nez del Prado, Dominique Nouveau, Diane Poulin-Dubois, Lisa Riche, Nancy Soja, Susan Toth-Sadjadi, Andrew Chung-yee Tse, and Klarien J. van der Linde.

Learning the Langauage of Space
Barbara Landau

Where Do Constraints on Word Meaning Come From?
Paul Bloom

The Effect of Labeling on Children’s Attention to Objects
Amanda Woodward

The Verb-Specific Organization of Children’s Early Grammars
Raquel S. Olguin and Michael Tomasello

Early Encoding of Temporal Reference in German
Heike Behrens

Event Quantification in Preschoolers’ Comprehension of Negation
Kenneth F. Drozd and William Philip

Sentence Subjects and the Assignment of Target of Modal Force: Children’s Use of the Mandarin Modal Auxiliary d i hafta
Jiansheng Guo

Monotonicity and the Acquisition of Weak Wh-Islands
William Philip and Jill de Villiers

Early Acquisition of Passive Morphology in Inuktikut
Shanley E. M. Allen and Martha B. Crago

Modeling the Effects of Processing Limitations on the Acquisition of Morphology: The Less Is More Hypothesis
Boris N. Goldowsky and Elissa L. Newport

Artifactual Overregularizations?
Michael Maratsos

Are Doggies Really Little? Evidence From Children’s Use of Diminuitives
Trisha Svaib

Cryptotypes, Meaning-Form Mappings, and Overgeneralizations
Ping Li

Native Language Reacquisition in Early Childhood
Dan I. Slobin, Lisa Dasinger, Aylin Küntay, and Cecile Toupin

Language Mixing and Language Dominance in Bilingual First Language Acquisition
Elizabeth Lanza

How Do Infants Extract Words from the Speech Stream? A Discussion of the Bootstrapping Problem for Lexical Acquisition
Anne Christophe, Emmanuel Dupoux, and Jacques Mehler

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