Paper $41.95 ISBN: 9781842774038 Published May 2011 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $134.95 ISBN: 9781842774021 Published May 2011 For sale in North and South America only

The Participation Reader

Edited by Andrea Cornwall

The Participation Reader

Edited by Andrea Cornwall

Distributed for Zed Books

464 pages | 6.125 x 9.1875
Paper $41.95 ISBN: 9781842774038 Published May 2011 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $134.95 ISBN: 9781842774021 Published May 2011 For sale in North and South America only
PART ONE What is participation?

1 A ladder of citizen participation - Sherry R. Arnstein
2 The many faces of participation - Matthias Stiefel and Marshall Wolfe
3 What is meant by people's participation? - N. C. Saxena
4 Participation's place in rural development: seeking clarity through specificity - John Cohen and Norman Uphoff
5 Depoliticizing development: the uses and abuses of participation - Sarah White
6 Participation: the ascendancy of a buzzword in the neo-liberal era - Pablo Alejandro Leal

PART TWO Participatory methodologies: principles and applications

7 Production and diffusion of new knowledge - Orlando Fals Borda
8 The historical roots and contemporary urges in participatory research - Rajesh Tandon
9 New Paradigm Research Manifesto - New Paradigm Research Group London
10 Doing feminist participatory research - Patricia Maguire
11 Cooperative inquiry - Peter Reason
12 PRA five years later - Robert Chambers and Irene Guijt
13 Ten myths about PRA - Ian Scoones
14 Growing from the grassroots: building participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation methods in PARC - Janet Symes and Sa'ed Jasser
15 Tools for empowerment: community exchanges - Sheela Patel
16 Citizens juries: a radical alternative for social research - Tom Wakeford
17 Voices aloud: making communication and change together - Oga Steve Abah
18 Powerful Grassroots Women Communicators: Participatory Video in Bangladesh - Renuka Bery and Sara Stuart

PART THREE Community and participatory development: principles and practice

19 Managing local participation: rhetoric and reality - Robert Chambers
20 Community participation: history, concepts and controversies - James Midgley
21 The making and marketing of participatory development - David Mosse
22 Whose voices? Whose choices? Reflections on gender and participatory development - Andrea Cornwall
23 Ethnicity and participatory development methods in botswana: some participants are to be seen and not heard . - Tlamelo Mompati and Gerard Prinsen
24 Towards a repoliticization of participatory development: political capabilities and spaces of empowerment - Glyn Williams

PART FOUR Participaton in governance

25 Towards participatory local governance: six propositions for discussion - John Gaventa
26 The politics of domesticating participation in rural India - Ranjita Mohanty
27 Aiding policy? Civil society engagement in Tanzania's PRSP - Elaina Mack
28 Participation without representation: chiefs, councils and forestry law in the West African Sahel - Jesse C. Ribo
29 Talking politics in participatory governance - Gianpaolo Baocchi
30 Co-governance for accountability: beyond 'exit' and 'voice' - John Ackerman

PART FIVE Participation as collective action: mobilization, insurgency and struggle

31 Users as citizens: collective action and the local governance of welfare - Marion Barnes
32 Insurgency and spaces of active citizenship: the story of the Western Cape anti-eviction campaign in South Africa - Faranak Miraftab and Shana Wills
33 Pedagogical guerrillas, armed democrats and revolutionary counter-publics: examining paradox in the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico - Josee Johnston
34 Bodies as sites of struggle: Naripokkho and the movement for women's rights in Bangladesh - Shireen Huq
35 Citizenship: a perverse confluence - Evelina Dagnino
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