Only Us

A Celebration of Humanity

Stuart Dunn

Only Us

Stuart Dunn

Distributed for Unicorn Publishing Group

With a Foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes
160 pages | 150 color plates | 8 3/4 x 10 3/4
Cloth $37.95 ISBN: 9781913491109 Published October 2020 For Sale in USA and Canada Only

From award-winning photographer and filmmaker Stuart Dunn, Only Us is a comprehensive, photographic portrait of humanity, the tapestry of mankind. As a species we are incredibly diverse and yet remarkably similar. Our ability to adapt is unrivalled; from the four corners of the planet there are few places we have not succeeded to inhabit.

Only Us looks beyond the camera lens to discover what makes us human. Intended to expand the appreciation of its audience, it draws upon our resemblances, focusing on the traits we all share. Dunn’s body of work spans the entire globe, resulting in a visual journey that transports the viewer from their living room to far-flung lands full of color, inspiration, and natural beauty.

Having photographed people from a multitude of cultures across a variety of habitats—from the Yawalapitti in the Amazon, to the Inuit of northwest Canada, and many more besides—Dunn is well aware of our many parallels as humans, no matter how extreme the differences in our environment.

With 150 stunning, full-color photographs, Only Us is a beautiful and eclectic portrait of humanity as we are today.

Review Quotes
Joanne Owen | LoveReading
"Stuart Dunns' Only Us is an exceptional photographic celebration of humanity. . . . All human life, from all areas of the world, is laid bare here—an incubated baby in Sheffield. Ugandan night fishermen at work. Thai monks on laundry day. Tanzanian hunter-gatherers. Canadian rangers protecting polar bears. A Newcastle native outside a pub. . . . This outward-looking, inclusive global perspective on humanity permeates every image, each of which really is worth a thousand words. Each of them prompts questions, invites the viewer to consider the lives of the people depicted. They summon stories. While the accompanying copy contextualises the images, noting where they were taken and who’s featured, with occasional fascinating personal anecdotes, Dunns' words leave space for personal contemplation. Some are close-up portraits, focussing on faces, with the subjects' eyes and expressions revealing emotional states we all recognise and relate to. Others take a step back and show people at home, at work, or in their natural landscapes, from Arctic tundra to Omani deserts. And all of them lay bare our shared human experiences, prompting empathy, and a stirring sense of interconnection."
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