Osiris, Volume 24

National Identity: The Role of Science and Technology

Edited by Carol E. Harrison and Ann Johnson

Osiris, Volume 24

Edited by Carol E. Harrison and Ann Johnson

350 pages | 6 3/4 x 10 | © 2009
Paper $33.00 ISBN: 9780226317786 Published August 2009
This latest volume of Osiris, National Identity: The Role of Science and Technology, explores the ways in which modern science and the nation-state have mutually interacted since the Enlightenment. The contributors argue for the formative role of science and technology in the creation of national identity, and with examples drawn from eastern and western nation-states, they argue that possession of scientific and technological resources became a marker of national character; the first states to develop this power nexus of science, technology, and bureaucracy went on to become globally dominant and widely imitated.  This volume traces the significance of this relationship from its beginnings in the West to its dissemination into the postcolonial world.

Carol E. Harrison and Ann Johnson: Introduction: Science and National Identity

Chandra Mukerji: The New Rome: Infrastructure and National Identity on the Canal du Midi

Carol E. Harrison: Projections of the Revolutionary Nation: French Expeditions in the Pacific, 1791–1803

Ann Johnson: Material Experiments: Environment and Engineering Institutions in the Early American Republic

Katherine Pandora: The Children’s Republic of Science in the Antebellum Literature of Samuel Griswold Goodrich and Jacob Abbott

Michael D. Gordin: Points Critical: Russia, Ireland, and Science at the Boundary

Asif A. Siddiqi: Germans in Russia: Cold War, Technology Transfer, and National Identity

Edward Jones-Imhotep: Communicating the North: Scientific Practice and Canadian Postwar Identity

Bruno J. Strasser: The Coproduction of Neutral Science and Neutral State in Cold War Europe: Switzerland and International Scientific Cooperation, 1951–69

Pratik Chakrabarti: “Signs of the Times”: Medicine and Nationhood in British India

Grace Shen: Taking to the Field: Geological Fieldwork and National Identity in Republican China

Ross Bassett: MIT-Trained Swadeshis: MIT and Indian Nationalism, 1884–1947

Suzanne Moon: Justice, Geography, and Steel: Technology and National Identity in Indonesian Industrialization

Alfred Nordmann: European Experiments

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