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Our Generation Against Nuclear War

When the first massive disarmament movement emerged, a journal bearing the title of this book was founded in 1961 to critically examine the issue of war and peace with all its implications.

476 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

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Table of Contents


Background: What everybody should know
- The effects of a 20 megaton bomb by the Scientists’ Committee for Radiation Information
- The history of disarmament NICOLETTE CAREY
- What you don’t know about the arms race PEGGY DUFF
- The inescapable links: interventionism and nuclear war MICHAEL T. KLARE
- Economics of armament and disarmament SEYMOUR MELMAN

Spheres of Influence and Imperialism
- On Henry A. Kissinger DANNY DRACHE
- On Reagan’s foreign policy NOAM CHOMSKY
- The driving force of imperialism today PAUL MATTICK
- Stalin is dead but neo-Stalinism lives THE EDITORS
- Open letter to the 27th parliament and the government of Canada
- An open letter on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Canada and the International War System
- Canada joins the club FARLEY MOWAT
- Nuclear arms for Canada: A strong case examined C.B MACPHERSON
- Unilateral disarmament for Canada E.G. ADAMS
- Note on the role of ‘National Defence’ in Canada THE EDITORS
- Will Canada lead? F.C. HUNNIUS
- Canadian war industries and Vietnam PHILIP RESNICK
- From deterrence to intimidation: Canada, the cruise and the changing role of nuclear weapons ERNIE REGEHR
- Canadian nuclear energy- who needs it? FRED KNELMAN

- Is there a theory of unilateralism? APRIL CARTER
- Unilateral initiatives: a strategy in search of a theory IRVING LOUIS HOROWITZ
- The Meanings of unilateralism: a peace movement view ALAN SHUTTLEWORTH

Neutralism and Non-Alignment
- From Bandung to Belgrade HOMER A. JACK
- Positive neutralism and the third world PETER WORSLEY
- The People- a third force TONY SMYTHE
- Alignment and non-alignment DAVID BOULTON, J.D. BERNAL, ALRED HASSLER

- Non-violent direct action APRIL CARTER
- Letter from Aldous Huxley to Anthony Brooke Non-violent defence ADAM ROBERTS
- The need for a substitute for war GENE SHARP

Peace Research
- A critical definition of peace research JOHAN GALTUNG
- A critical view of peace research, USA THOMAS HAYDEN, RICHARD FLACKS

The Peace Movement
- The peace movement and social change A.J. MUSTE
- SUPA: an ethical movement in search of an analysis JAMES HARDING
- From protest to radical politics PAUL BOOTH, LEE WEBB
- Student politics and world politics PHILIP G. ALTBACH, GAIL PARADISE
- Women march on the Pentagon MERRIEL FISH
- Group politics, class politics and the peace movement MACLEAN WELLS
- Peace training: a beginning THEODORE OLSON

Peace, Politics and Philosophy
- Thesis for the atomic age GUNTHER ANDERS
- A plea for social imagination ROBERT JUNGK
- Indifference to life ERICH FROMM
- Violence on trial GABRIEL BRETON
- A psychiatrist looks at the nuclear arms race F.W. HANLEY
- What is the new radicalism? DIMITRIOS ROUSSOPOULOS
- Loyalty to humanity above all other loyalties THE EDITORS
- The politics of the peace movement DIMITRIOS ROUSSOPOULOS
- A case study for the disarmament movement NOAM CHOMSKY
- The decline of the state KATHLEEN GOUGH
- Note on the future of the peace movement THE EDITORS


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