Northern Exposures

An Adventuring Career in Stories and Images

Jonathan Waterman

Northern Exposures
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Jonathan Waterman

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250 pages | 96 color plates | 10 x 8 | © 2013
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9781602231931 Published June 2013
Cloth $45.00 ISBN: 9781602231924 Published June 2013
E-book $30.00 ISBN: 9781602231948 Published June 2013
“Waterman’s profound respect for the northern lands burns on every page, and his photos and essays prove to us that there is still beauty in this world—beauty worth fighting for.”—Robert Redford

North of the sixtieth parallel, the sun shines for less than six hours in the winter, and towering mountains are the only skyscrapers. Pristine waters serve caribou, moose, and bears in an unbroken landscape. At any given moment in this spectacular scenery, there’s a chance that Jonathan Waterman is present, trekking across the land. A masterful adventurer, Waterman has spent decades exploring the farthest reaches of our beautiful spaces. The essays and photographs collected in Northern Exposures are a product of this passion for exploration and offer an unparalleled view into adventuring in the north and beyond.

Picking up after In the Shadow of Denali, his first book of essays, Northern Exposures collects twenty-three stories from Waterman’s thirty-year career that show the evolution of the adventurer’s career and work, from ducking avalanches near the Gulf of Alaska, to searching for the most pristine tundra on the continent, and from writing haiku on Denali in the depth of winter to decrying oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Ninety-six spectacular photographs taken by Waterman during his expeditions lend a broader context and allow readers to fully understand his heartfelt argument for protecting these places. Whether active, aspiring, or just armchair adventurers, readers will be inspired by Waterman’s daring spirit.

1. Arctic Solitaire
2. Correspondence
    Letter to Mom
    Serious Writers Never Oversleep
3. Sheep’s Clothing
4. Editorials
    Never Cry Wolf
    Winning the Climbing Lottery
    Price of Adventure
5. Rain of Avalanches: Finding Religion on Mount St. Elias
6. Arctic Refuge Essays
    Sacred Place
    Musk Oxen
    What We Would Lose
7. A Walk Across Mount Logan
8. Book Reviews
    All Fourteen Eight-Thousanders
    Mount McKinley: The Conquest of Denali
    Horizontal Everest: Extreme Journeys on Ellesmere Island
9. The Perfect Shot
10. Cavemen
11. A Near Miss on Mount Fairweather in Winter
12. The Kayak and the Cruise Ship
13. Northern Exposures
14. Divine Wind: Masatoshi Kuriaki
15. Final Refuge
16. “They Did Everything Right”
Review Quotes
Robert Redford
“Waterman’s profound respect for the northern lands burns on every page, and his photos and essays prove to us that there is still beauty in this world—beauty worth fighting for.”
Starred Review | Publishers Weekly
“Expeditions are brought to life with powerful prose and the author’s gift for description, accompanied by loads of photographs that document not only the breathtaking scenery but the excitement of Waterman’s particular travels.” 
The Photo Review
"Northern Exposured is a spectacular look at the farthest reaches of our beautiful spaces."
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