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Distributed for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Monocotyledons: Systematics and Evolution

2-Volume Set

This two-volume set dedicated to Rolf Dahlgren (1932-1986), contains 31 papers presented at an international Monocotyledons: Systematics and Evolution symposium at Kew in 1993. They address systematics, mainly at a family level and above, with the aim of encouraging a new classification of the monocotyledons. Taxon-based papers are interspersed with ones on character analysis, cladistic methods of analysis and character evaluation.

772 pages | © 1995

Biological Sciences: Botany

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Table of Contents

The fossil history of monocotyledons
      P. S. Herendeen and P. R. Crane
The Nymphaeales, Alismatidae, and the theory of an aquatic monocotyledon origin
      D. H. Les and E. L. Schneider
Major evolutionary traits of monocot flowers
      P. K. Endress
Early branching events in monocotyledons – partial 18s ribosomal DNA sequence analysis
      G. Bharathan and E. A. Zimmer
Molecular phylogenetics of Lilianae
      M. W. Chase, M. R. Duvall, H. G. Hills, J. G. Conran, A. V. Cox, L. E. Eguiarte,
      J. Hartwell, M. F. Fay, L. R. Caddick, K. M. Cameron and S. Hoot
Seed structure and systematics in Dioscoreales
      F. Bouman
Asparagales: a reappraisal
      P. J. Rudall and D. F. Cutler
Towards a phylogeny of Amaryllidaceae
      A. W. Meerow
The status of R. Dahlgren’s orders Liliales and Melanthiales
      P. Goldblatt
Small molecules and monocot classification
      J. B. Harborne and C. A. Williams
Whence the orchids?
      R. L. Dressler and M. W. Chase
Relationship of Burmanniales and Orchidales
      F. N. Rasmussen
The androecium of monocotyledons
      L. P. Ronse Decraene and E. F. Smets
Chloroplast DNA phylogeny of the Ariflorae
      J. C. French, M. G. Chung and Y. K. Hur
The Arales
      S. J. Mayo, J. Bogner and P. Boyce
The Triuridiflorae – Gardner’s delight?
      H. Mass–van de Kamer
Seedlings and systematics in monocotyledons
      H.-J. Tillich

Systematics of subclass Alismatidae: a synthesis of approaches
      D. H. Les and R. R. Haynes
Chromosomes of the monocotyledons (general aspects)
      J. Greilhuber
Phylogenetic systematics of Pontederiales: implications for breeding-system evolution
      S. W. Graham and S. C. H. Barrett
Phylogeny of the Zingiberanae: morphology and molecules
      W. J. Kress
The seed structure of monocotyledons
      M. F. Danilova, E. N. Nemirovich-Danchenko, G. A. Komar and
      M. M. Lodkina
Phylogenetic patterns in the commelinid clade
      H. P. Linder and E. A. Kellogg
Relationships within Cyperales
      D. Simpson
Phylogeny of Poales
      E. A. Kellogg and H. P. Linder
Cladistic analysis of monocot families
      D. W. Stevenson and H. Loconte
Evolution of the monocot chloroplast inverted repeat: I. Evolution and phylogenetic implications of the orf 2280 deletion
      W. J. Hahn, T. J. Givnish and K. J. Sytsma
Non-homology of vascular organisation in monocotyledons and dicotyledons
      P. B. Tomlinson
Phylogenetic relationships among palms: cladistic analyses of morphological and chloroplast DNA restriction site variation
      N. W. Uhl, J. Dransfield, J. I. Davis, M. A. Luckow, K. S. Hansen and
      J. J. Doyle
Evolution and systematics of Pandanaceae
      P. A. Cox, K.-L. Huynh and B. C. Stone
Monocot systematics: a combined analysis
      M. W. Chase, D. W. Stevenson, P. Wilkin and P. J. Rudall

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