Masculinities under Neoliberalism

Edited by Andrea Cornwall, Frank Karioris, and Nancy Lindisfarne

Masculinities under Neoliberalism

Edited by Andrea Cornwall, Frank Karioris, and Nancy Lindisfarne

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Neoliberalism has had a radical impact on how people perceive and experience gender around the world. But while the impact of this economic and social framework on gender has received significant scholarly attention in the case of women, there has been a dearth of scholarship on how it affects men’s experience and understanding of gender. Building on the work of Cornwall and Lindisfarne’s landmark text Dislocating Masculinity, this collection provides a fresh perspective on gender dynamics under neoliberalism.
The subjects covered in Masculinities under Neoliberalism range from working class men in Putin’s Russia to colonial masculinities in Southern Rhodesia and from young British Muslim men to amateur footballers in Jamaica, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of men across the globe. The contributors show how neoliberalism has transformed gender relations as well as how we understand and enact masculinity. Masculinities under Neoliberalism holds important implications not only for the study of gender, but also for sociology, development, and postcolonial studies.
About the contributors

1. Introduction: masculinities under neoliberalism
Andrea Cornwall

2. Masculinities and the lived experienced of neoliberalism
Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale 

3. In Search of ‘stability’: working-class men, masculinity and wellbeing in contemporary Russia
Charlie Walker

4. ‘Filial son’, dislocated masculinity and the making of male migrant workers in urban China
Xiaodong Lin

5. Taking the long view: attaining and sustaining masculinity across the life course in south India
Penny Vera-Sanso

6. Desperate markets and desperate masculinities in Morocco
Joe Hayns

7. Neutralized bachelors, infantilized Arabs: between migrant and host—gendered and sexual stereotypes in Abu Dhabi
Jane Bristol-Rhys and Caroline Osella

8. Windsurfers, capoeiristas and musicians: Brazilian masculinities in transnational scenarios
Adriana Piscitelli 

9. ‘I must stand like a man’: masculinity in crisis in post-war Sierra Leone
Luisa Enria

10. Fatherhood and intergenerational struggles in the construction of masculinities in Huambo, Angola
John Spall

11. Masculinity, marriage and the Bible: new Pentecostalist masculinities in Zimbabwe
Diana Jeater

12. From Big Man to Whole Man: making moral masculinities at the YMCA
Ross Wignall

13. (Dis)locating masculinities: ethnographic reflections of British Muslim young men
Martin Mac an Ghall and Chris Haywood

14. Football field, bar, and street corner: sports, space, and masculinities in rural Jamaica
William Tantam
15. Ducks, dogs, and men: ‘natural’ masculinities in New Zealand duck hunting
Carmen McLeod 

16. (Dis)locations of homosociality: men in an all-male university residence hall
Frank G. Karioris

17. Homosociality and heterosex: patterns of intimacy and relationality among men in the London ‘seduction community’
Rachel O’Neill 

Review Quotes
Social Anthropology
“Provides a rich mosaic of masculinities during a period of economic precarity and social fragmentation, and thus offers not only fresh ways of envisioning the various structures of people’s lives, but also contributes to the ongoing topical discussion on masculinities.”
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