Mayan Texts

Volume II

Edited by Louanna Furbee-Losee

Mayan Texts

Edited by Louanna Furbee-Losee

408 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1976, 1979, 1980
E-book $10.00 ISBN: 9780226342764 Published June 2015
These volumes include oral texts in a variety of genres from 16 Mayan languages. Each of the stories in this collection is presented with analytical glosses, making explicit the structure of the language and illustrating the richness of Mayan grammar as it is used in context. These volumes will be of interest to linguists specializing in Mayan, typologists, and aficionados of oral narrative, as well as to speakers and learners of Mayan languages.
Mayan Texts I

Introduction, Louanna Furbee-Losee
A Huastec Autobiographical Text, Norman A. McQuown
K’ekchi’ Texts, Ray Freeze
Li K’alek, Li A:wk ut Li Q’olok, Flora Ac Caal and Sandra Pinkerton
Quiché Text, William Norman
Tzutujil Texts, James H. Butler and Ilah Fleming
Jilotepenqueño Pocomam Texts, Thom Smith-Stark
Mam text, Nora C. England
Someone Else’s Dog: A Jacaltec Story, Christopher Day
A Jacaltec Comedia, Colette G. Craig
Acateco [Kanjobal] Texts, Karen Dakin

Mayan Texts II

Introduction, Louanna Furbee-Losee
Chol Performance: Do Not Talk to Dogs, They Might Talk Back to You, John J. Attinasi
Lacandon Song Texts, Dale Davis
Yucatec Maya Text, Victoria Reifler Bricker
A Modern Yucatec Maya Text, Norman A McQuown
Tzeltal Texts, Brian Stross
Tzotzil Text, Victoria Reifler Bricker
Tzotzil Texts , Robert M. Laughlin

Mayan Texts III

Introduction, Louanna Furbee
How the People of Ilom Lost Their Lands: An Ixil-Maya Text with Commentary, Thomas E. Lengyel
Yarns Spun by Ixils, Judie Maxwell
Ixil Text, Lore M. Colby
Kanjobal Texts, Laura Martin
A San Mateo Ixtatan Chuj Text, Nicholas A. Hopkins
Tojolabal Texts, Louanna Furbee and Manuel Aguilar Gómez
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