Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9781447304968 Published December 2014 For sale in North and South America only
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Leading the Inclusive City

Place-Based Innovation for a Bounded Planet

Robin Hambleton

Leading the Inclusive City

Robin Hambleton

Distributed for Bristol University Press

416 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9781447304968 Published December 2014 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $115.00 ISBN: 9781447304975 Published January 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Growing global inequality is often at its most stark in cities—and cities themselves are often seen as powerless to affect the problem, which is driven more by national and global trends than by local policies. While acknowledging the difficulties cities face, Leading the Inclusive City mounts a powerful case that cities do have tools at their disposal for ameliorating inequality, advancing social justice, promoting environmental responsibility, and bolstering community empowerment. Using examples from cities around the world, Robin Hambleton educates and inspires, offering practical ideas for local leaders who want to change urban life for the better.


A guide to the book

Innovation Stories


Place-based leadership and the inclusive city

Part 1 Diagnosis: Understanding trends and challenges

Global trends and our urban future

The changing nature of public service reform

Part 2 Concepts: Place, leadership, innovation and democratic governance

Understanding place and public policy

Place-based leadership

Leading public service innovation

Democratic urban governance

Part 3 Experiences: Place-based leadership in action

Leading the eco-city

Creating people-friendly cities

The diversity advantage

Part 4 Lesson drawing: Insights and international learning

From smart cities to wise cities

International lesson drawing

Review Quotes
W. C. Johnson, independent scholar | Choice
“Inclusiveness and sustainability are common themes in current urban planning. Hambleton argues that creative leadership by local innovators is an essential step to both kinds of development. . . . This is emphatically not the ‘new public management’ of the 1990s or the neoliberal preference for private markets over governmental intervention. Rather, the development Hambleton advocates will be brought about by close collaboration among public officials, businesses, nonprofits, and individual community leaders who are committed to inclusive policies. This is a useful work for practitioners as well as academics, offering conceptual and instrumental insights that should stimulate cross-disciplinary dialogue. . . . Recommended.”
Journal of the American Planning Association
Leading the Inclusive City lays the groundwork for an important call to action. The author makes the case that in a time of rapid change, progress demands innovation, and in a time of increasing inequality, innovation demands inclusion.”
Emma Bimpson, University of Leeds, UK | Urban Studies
“An engaging exploration of local leadership and the potential for social and environmental justice.”
Journal of Planning Education and Research
"Raises important issues regarding the creation of more just and ecologically sensitive cities."
Urban Research and Practice Journal
“One of the more interesting and helpful characteristics of the book is that it provides seventeen‘Innovation Stories,’ drawn from cities across the world. . . . The presentation of Innovation Stories proves useful in bridging ‘the worlds of academia and practice.’”
Journal of Contemporary European Studies
“This book is one which scholars will admire and politicians and policy makers will not want to miss.”
Local Economy
"It is a timely re-formulation and consolidation of various strands in current thinking about places, and its optimistic signposting of a possible future makes it required reading."
Ali Modarres, University of Washington, Tacoma
“Moving beyond dystopian views, Robin Hambleton offers a message of hope for cities in a globalized age. His global examples richly illustrate the importance of place-based inclusive leadership in creating successful and just cities.”
Susan Clarke, University of Colorado at Boulder
“This book persuasively argues that place-based leadership can shape more inclusive, democratic, and sustainable cities. Drawing on detailed ‘Innovation Stories’ from around the globe, Hambleton’s work invites lesson-drawing from both practitioners and scholars.”
Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
“In this wide ranging and challenging book, Robin Hambleton draws upon his considerable knowledge and experience to draw attention to the challenges—and the opportunities—facing cities in our current climate. He does so with academic insight and practical application, and this is an essential read for anyone concerned about the ways places are led.”
Graham Sansom, UTS Centre for Local Government, Australia
“An insightful, fresh take on city governance that blends academic understanding with ‘real life’ experience; and a timely warning of what might be lost in a ‘placeless’ world.”
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