Knits and Pieces

A Knitting Miscellany

Danielle Holke

Knits and Pieces

Danielle Holke

Distributed for Unicorn Publishing Group

208 pages | 40 halftones | 5 x 7 | © 2017
Cloth $16.95 ISBN: 9781910787632 Published November 2017 For Sale in USA and Canada Only
Once a skill of practical necessity, knitting is one of the world’s most popular crafts and hobbies today. Written by a leading blogger in the contemporary craft scene, Knits and Pieces offers a comprehensive and entertaining illustrated guide to knitting’s history and contemporary appeal.
Danielle Holke traces the origins of knitting to the basic human need for clothing as protection against the elements, and she follows its thread to the war years when many women took up knitting on behalf of soldiers and to today’s activist craft movement such as knitting graffiti and yarn-bombing. Holke explores the recent knitting revival led by bloggers, podcasts, celebrities, and social media, and she discusses how the wider availability of natural and exotic fibers combined with the growing interest in DIY crafts has helped create a truly international knitting community.
Illustrated throughout and including facsimiles of some iconic patterns, Knits and Pieces is a must-have for knitting enthusiasts and craft lovers.

1. The History of Knitting

What Is Knitting?

Where Did It Originate?

How about Those Funny “Knitted” Socks from Egypt?

Discovery of the Oldest Ball of Yarn

Bros and Rows: When Men Ruled the Knitting Guilds

Tricoteuses: Knitting and the French Revolution

Knit for Victory – Knitting and World Wars I and II

The Secret Life of Molly Rinker

Knitting and War Today – Making Poppies to Remember

Making History – The Pussy Hat Project

2. Knitting Tools, Fibre and Jargon

Types of Knitting Needles

Ancillary Accessories

Natural Fibres – What Animal Produces Which Wool?

Types of Synthetic, Plant-Based and Vegan Yarns

Yarn Weights and the Rise of Mega-Knitting with Jumbo Yarns

Making Yarn – Handspun and Yarn Bundles

Knitting Terms, Slang and Acronyms

3. Different Styles and Types of Knitting

Knitting Style

Fair Isle vs Intarsia

Entrelac, Brioche and Lace

Double, Illusion and Mathematical Knitting

Arm Knitting, Finger Knitting and Other Non-Traditional Ways to Knit

French Knitting and Knitting Machines

4. Around the World in 80 Stitches

Knitting in Peru – The Chullo

Knitting in The Falkland Islands – Famous Wool

Knitting in Iceland – Lopi and the Lopapeysa

Knitting in the UK – The Famous Fisherman’s Jumper

Knitting in Norway – Selbu Mittens and The Selburose

Knitting in Japan – Tabi Socks, Visual Patterns and Amigurumi

Knitting in New Zealand – Sheep

Knitting in Canada – The Cowichan Sweater

5. Why Do People Knit?

Major Health Benefits of Knitting

Knitting for Charity or Those in Need

It’s Fun and Social – Stitch ‘n Bitch

6. Knitting in Pop Culture Today

Celebrities Who Knit

Knitting in Film, Television, Music and Literature

Knitting in Music

Knitting in Literature

Knitting in Advertising and Commercials

Knitting Trends

Knitting Controversies

7. Knitter’s Resources

13 Websites Every Knitter Needs to Know

Charities That Want Your Knitting

Knitting Abbreviations


Teachers and Resources


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