Iconic Communication

Iconic Communication

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208 pages | © 2000
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Do pictures enhance the communicative power of text?

Our society is becoming a more visual culture day-by-day. This book offers detailed analyses of how to combine words with pictures to communicate clearly across cultural barriers.

While some information is better communicated by one kind of media than another, some information is communicated most effectively through a combination of media. This book presents a critical framework within which iconic communication systems can be developed to truly bridge linguistic and cultural gaps and to provide effective computer-based systems for conveying information on a global scale.

With valuable insights for the Information and Communication industries, this book draws on the work presented at several conferences on the subject and is designed primarily for graphic designers and human-computer interface developers as well as supplementary reading on degree courses in Information Technology.



Part 1: Foundations

1              Human Communication Processes

                Philip Barker

2              On the Possibility and Impossibility of a Universal Iconic

                Communication System

                Andrew J King

3              The Limits of Iconic Communication

                John Roscoe

Part 2: Background

4              Some Pictorial Symbol Systems for Public Places

                Ian McLaren

5              Double Vision

                Michelle Gausman and Clive Chizlett

6              Communication through Icons

                Masoud Yazdani

Part 3: Proposals

7              Do You See What I’m Saying?

                Stuart Mealing

8              IconText: An Exploration of the Limitations of Iconic


                Colin Beardon

9              Visualization of Textual Structures

                Graziella Tonfoni

Part 4: Development of Prototypes

10           The Augmentation of Textual Communication with User-created Icons

                Leon Cruickshank and Lon Barfield

11           VIL: A Visual Inter Lingua

                Lee Becker and Paul Leemans

Part 5: Research Outcomes

12           Icons in the Mind

                Philip Barker and Paul van Schaik

13           Designing and Evaluating Icons

                Philip Barker and Paul van Schaik

14           Evaluating Appropriate Interface Metaphors

                Paul Honeywill

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