A History of the Czech Lands

Edited by Jaroslav Pánek and Oldrich Tuma

A History of the Czech Lands

Edited by Jaroslav Pánek and Oldrich Tuma

Distributed for Karolinum Press, Charles University

750 pages | 6 halftones, 11 drawings, 5 engravings, 2 maps | 6 7/10 x 9 1/2 | © 2009
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Born January 1, 1993 after it split with Slovakia, the Czech Republic is one of the youngest members of the European Union. Despite its youth as a nation, this land and the areas just outside its modern borders boasts an ancient and intricate past. With A History of the Czech Lands, editors Jaroslav Pánek and Oldrich Tuma—along with several scholars from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Charles University—provide one of the most complete historical accounts of this region to date.

Pánek and Tuma’s history begins in the Neolithic era and follows the development of the state as it transformed into the Kingdom of Bohemia during the ninth century, into Czechoslovakia after World War I, and finally into the Czech Republic. Such a tumultuous political past arises in part from a fascinating native people, and A History of the Czech Lands profiles the Czechs in great detail, delving into past and present traditions and explaining how generation after generation adapted to a perpetually changing government and economy. In addition, Pánek and Tuma examine the many minorities that now call these lands home—Jews, Slovaks, Poles, Germans, Ukrainians, and others—and how each group’s migration to the region has contributed to life in the Czech Republic today.

The first study in English with this scope and ambition, A History of the Czech Lands is essential for scholars of Slavic, Central, and East European studies and a must-read for those who trace their ancestry to these lands.



I.     Territorial Development and the Transformation of Landscape

Eva Semotanová

II.   Prehistory and Beginnings of Slavic Settlement (to the 8th Century)

Dušan Třeštík

III.               Great Moravia and the Beginnings of the State (9th and 10th Centuries)

Dušan Třeštík

IV.              The Czech State in the Era of Přemyslid Princes and Kings (from the Beginning of the 11th Century to 1306)

Dušan Třeštík (1)- Josef Žemlička (2-4)

V.  The Expansion of the Czech State During the Era of the Luxemburgs (1306-1419)

Miloslav Polívka

VI.              The Hussite Revolution (1419-1471)

František Šmahel

VII.            The Bohemian Crownlands under the Jagiellons (1471-1526)

Jaroslav Boubín

VIII.         The Czech Estates in the Habsburg Monarchy (1526-1620)

Jaroslav Pánek

IX.              Baroque Absolutism (1620-1740)

Jiří Mikulec

X.  Enlightened Absolutism and the Birth of a Modern State (1740-1792)

Martina Ondo Grečenková

XI.              The Birth of the Modern Czech Nation (1792-1848)

Jan Hájek—Milan Hlavačka

XII.            Czechs during the Revolution and Neo-absolutism ( 1848-1860)

Milan Hlavačka

1        The Rise of the Nations in the Habsburg Monarchy and its Consequences

XIII.         The Definition of Czech National Society during the Period of Liberalism and Nationalism (1860-1914)

Pavel Cibulka—Jan Hájek—Martin Kučera

XIV.         The Czech Lands during the First World War (1914-1918)

Josef Harna

XV.           First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938)

Josef Harna

XVI.         Czechoslovakia in the Years after the Munich Agreement an in the Second World War (1938-1945)

Jan Gebhart

XVII.      Czechoslovakia Between Two Totalitarian Systems (1945-1948)

Jiří Kocian

XVIII.    The Establishment and First Crisis of the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia (1948-1958)

Jiří Pernes

XIX.         Community Czechoslovakia on a Journey from a Consolidation of Totalitarianism Towards a Liberalization of the Regime (1959-1967)

Jiří Pernes

XX.           The Half-Life: the Communist Regime’s Greatest Crisis (1967-1971)

Oldřich Tůma

XXI.         The Second Consolidation of the Communist Regime and the Descent into Collapse (1972-1989)

Oldřich Tůma

XXII.      Czechoslovakia’s Return to Democracy (1989-1992)

Jiří Suk

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Territorial Development of the Czech Lands


Review Quotes
R. J. Goldstein | Choice

“This is unquestionably the best single-volume English-language history now available, and it is enhanced by multi-language bibliographies and a set of beautiful color maps.”

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