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Distributed for Alaska Sea Grant College Program

Guide to Marine Mammals of Alaska

Fourth Edition

With Illustrations by Pieter Folkens
The authoritative book on Alaska marine life, Guide to Marine Mammals of Alaska is a clear and concise look at all twenty-nine of Alaska’s mammal species, including whales, dolphins, seals, walrus, and polar bears. Now in its fourth edition, this award-winning book is fully revised with updated information on range and status of all the species.

Meant to be a user-friendly and travel-ready resource, the guide provides an overview of each species with data on body type, size, color, behavior, habitat, and more. Maps detail range and migration patterns while full color photos accompany each entry. A glossary, introduction to mammal types, and naming chart make recognizing the different Alaska mammals easy and accessible.  In addition to the extensive photographs, the book includes Pieter Folkens’s highly accurate illustrations to assist in precise identification.

The book itself is a rugged tool that is waterproof and spiral bound, encouraging readers to get out and start spotting fascinating Alaska creatures from land or from sea.

80 pages | illustrated throughout | 5 3/4 x 8 1/2

Biological Sciences: Natural History

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Table of Contents

Using This Book to Identify Marine Mammals
What Are Marine Mammals?
Marine Adaptations

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises: Cetaceans
Family Characteristics of Alaska Cetaceans
Morphology of Cetaceans
Common Cetaceans of Alaska
                Bowhead Whale
                North Pacific Right Whale
                Blue Whale
                Fin Whale
                Sei Whale
                Minke Whale
                Humpback Whale
                Gray Whale
                Sperm Whale
                Baird’s Beaked (Bottlenose) Whale
                Cuvier’s Beaked (Goosebeak) Whale
                Stejneger’s (Bering Sea) Beaked Whale
                Killer Whale (Orca)
                Pacific White-Sided Dolphin
                Dall’s Porpoise
                Harbor Porpoise

Seals, Sea Lions, and Walrus: Pinnipeds
Family Characteristics of Alaska Pinnipeds
Morphology of Pinnipeds
Common Pinnipeds of Alaska
                Steller (Northern) Sea Lion
                California Sea Lion
                Northern Fur Seal
                Northern Elephant Seal
                Bearded Seal
                Harbor Seal
                Ribbon Seal
                Spotted (Largha) Seal
                Ringed Seal
                Pacific Walrus

Marine Fissipeds
Other Mammals
                Polar Bear
                Sea  Otter

Terms Used in This Guide
Marine Mammal Names

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