Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9781847424815 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781847424822 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only

Global Child Poverty and Well-Being

Measurement, Concepts, Policy and Action

Edited by Alberto Minujin and Shailen Nandy

Global Child Poverty and Well-Being

Edited by Alberto Minujin and Shailen Nandy

Distributed for Bristol University Press

320 pages | 6 x 9
Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9781847424815 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781847424822 Published April 2012 For sale in North and South America only

Of the countless people around the world enduring deprivation and tremendous suffering from poverty and malnutrition, hundreds of millions are children. But research on poverty and development has only relatively recently begun to focus on this aspect of global poverty. Featuring contributions from leading researchers, this book examines how child poverty and well-being are conceptualized, defined, and measured and presents regional and national studies of child poverty from around the world. Global Child Poverty and Well-Being is an urgent call to arms for researchers and policymakers to confront one of the world’s great ongoing tragedies.

Notes on contributors
      Sir Richard Jolly, Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations

Part I
1. Introduction
      Shailen Nandy and Alberto Minujin
2. Child rights, child survival and child poverty: the debate
      Simon Pemberton, David Gordon and Shailen Nandy
3. Equity begins with children
      Jan Vandemoortele
Part 2
4. Measuring child poverty and deprivation
      David Gordon and Shailen Nandy
5. Beyond headcount: measures that reflect the breadth and components of child poverty
      Sabina Alkire and José Manuel Roche
6. Defining child poverty in South Africa using the socially perceived necessities approach
      Helen Barnes and Gemma Wright
7. Child well-being in the US: proposal for the development of a ’Tots Index’ using the human development conceptual framework
      Sarah Burd-Sharps, Patrick Guyer, Ted Lechterman and Kristen Lewis
8. A snapshot of child well-being in transition countries: exploring new methods of monitoring child well-being
      Petra Hoelscher, Dominic Richardson and Jonathan Bradshaw
9. Enhancing the fight against child poverty in the European Union: a benchmarking exercise
      Isabelle Maquet-Engsted
10. Assessing child well-being in developing countries: making policies work for children
      Shirley Gatenio Gabel and Sheila B. Kamerman
Part 3
11. Multidimensional child poverty in Tanzania: analysis of situation, changes and sensitivity of thresholds
      Albert Minujin and Enrique Delamonica
12. A multidimensional profile of child poverty in Congo Brazzaville
      Geranda Notten, Chris de Neubourg, Bethuel Makosso and Alain Beltran Mpoue
13. Multidimensional child poverty in Vietnam
      Keetie Roelen and Franziska Gassmann
14. Mulitdimensional child deprivation in Iran
      Sepideh Yousefzadeh Faal Deghati, Andrés Mideros Mora and Chris de Neubourg
15. Multidimensional child poverty in Haiti
      David Gordon, Audrey Lenoel and Shailen Nandy
16. Child poverty in Latin America: multiple deprivation and monetary measures combined
      Ernesto Espíndola Advis and María Nieves Rico
17. Changes in child poverty and deprivation in Sub-Saharan Africa in South Asia at the end of the 20th century
      Shailen Nandy
Part 4
18. Utopia calling: eradicating child poverty in the United Kingdom and beyond
      Ruth Levitas
19. Continuity and change in poor children’s lives: evidence from Young Lives
      Jo Boyden, Abby Hardgrove and Caroline Knowles
20. Policy implications of multidimensional poverty measurement in Morocco
      Hicham Ait Mansour
21. A multidimensional response to tackling child poverty and disparities: Reflections from the Global Study on Child Poverty and Disparities
      Gaspar Fajth, Sharmila Kurukulasuriya and Sólrún Engilbertsdóttir
22. Investment in social security: a possible United Nations model for child benefit?
      Peter Townsend
23. Conclusion
      Shailen Nandy and Alberto Minujin

Review Quotes
Frances Stewart
"This important book provides a comprehensive and damning indictment of the extent of child poverty across the globe, in rich countries as well as poor. Yet, as argued here, child poverty could be radically reduced and eventually eliminated through appropriate and feasible policies. This book should be read by policy-makers world-wide."—Frances Stewart, University of Oxford
Virginia Parish Beard | Poverty & Public Policy
“This is an engaging, comprehensive, thoughtful, and thorough collection of evidence, ideas and expertise. It is indispensable in its pooled knowledge and picture of the possibilities for a world able to better tackle the suffering caused needlessly by the persistence of child poverty.”
Laura Camfield | Studies in Social Justice
“This substantial volume—23 chapters—brings together most of the key authors in the field of global childhood poverty research and multidimensional measurement. Its aim is to use national and regional level case studies to show how work on the measurement and alleviation of child poverty has developed over the past two decades in relation to how child poverty is conceptualized and the availability of data to monitor its effects.” 
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