Frontiers in Anglo-Welsh Poetry

Anthony Conran

Frontiers in Anglo-Welsh Poetry

Anthony Conran

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292 pages | 8 3/10 x 5 2/5 | © 1997
Paper $15.00 ISBN: 9780708313954 Published June 1997 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

In this impressive and important work, Conran examines the impact on a selection of prominent Anglo-Welsh poets, Idris Davies, Dylan Thomas and David Jones among them, of an awareness of ’frontier’ - between the Welsh and their dominant partners in Great Britain and within Wales itself, where two ways of life, two civilizations and two languages both divide and subtly interconnect.

This collection of essays offers fresh perspectives on Welsh writing in English as a whole, while also focusing illuminatingly on individual authors. It represents the mature and often controversial views of one of Anglo-Welsh literature’s foremost critics.

Part I
1.    The ’Welsh way of life’ and its poetry
2.    Displaced poets of the way of life: W.H. Davies, Huw Menai and A.G. Prys-Jones
3.    The Anglo-Welsh vanishing point: the Eastaway of Edward Thomas
4.    Pilgrims from a desert land: a study of Idris Davies’s two sequences and Gwenallt’s ’Y meirwon’ as responses to the Great Depression
Part II
5.    Buried treasure
6.    Gerard Hopkins as an Anglo-Welsh poet
7.    David Jones and the ironic epic
Part III
8.    The advent of modernism
9.    ’I saw time murder me’: Dylan Thomas and the tragic soliloquy
10.  A lonely path: the early poetry of Glyn Jones
11.  Lynette Roberts
Part IV
12.  The end of an era
13.  The new frontier: R.S. Thomas
14.  Roland Mathias: headmaster, critic and poet
Part V
15.  Exile and elegy in the poetry of T. Harri Jones
16.  Telling the dead go home: the poetry of Leslie Norris
17.  Funland and the work of Dannie Abse
18.  An abdication from time: the Collected Poems of Raymond Garlick
19.  The Referendum and the poetry of Jon Dressel
20.  Tony Curtis and the ways of Death
List of authors and their major works
Review Quotes
Books in Wales

“Throughout the book, Conran sustains a series of arguments which are often challenging in their views, and more than once controversial . . . a comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable study about the fundermental aspects of Anglo-Welsh poetry.” –Books in Wales

Western Mail

“His keen awareness of how Welsh society and literature have changed over the last hundred years has enabled him to write what nearly amounts to a history of Anglo Welsh writing and to put our writers in a context where their achievement can be properly seen. This is an important book that all students and critics of contemporary literature will have to read and think about.” –Western Mail

Friends of the Dymock Poets Newsletter

“This wide-ranging and well-written book is full of interesting arguments and illuminating apercus. It displays a lively intellect and a passionate love for poetry, which make it a delight to read.” –Friends of the Dymock Poets Newsletter

Modern Language Review

“ . . . the book will, rightly be used as an excellent introduction to its subject . . .” –Modern Language Review

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