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Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

Most anglers are well aware of the popular game fish that inhabit the Northeast, including the largemouth bass, the rainbow trout, and the yellow perch. But the region’s inland waters boast a much broader array of fish than first meets the eye (or hook). The father-and-son team of David A. Patterson and Matt Patterson have pursued both game fish and bait fish in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. In Freshwater Fish of the Northeast, they describe more than 60 different species, from the well known to the obscure, including the redfin pickerel, the blueback trout, and the slimy sculpin. This colorful and helpful guide includes detailed information on habits, habitats, history, and more. In order to best capture the look and appeal of these fish in their native waters, most of the images are based on the authors’ own live catches. The pencil-and-acrylic illustrations render each species in lifelike detail, with close attention given to unique physical characteristics. Both art book and guidebook, this volume will stir some fond memories of fish caught—and a few of those that got away.

144 pages | 10 x 7

Sport and Recreation

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Table of Contents

Introduction • Family Centrarchidae (Sunfish and Bass) • Bluegill • Pumpkinseed • Longear Sunfish • Redbreast Sunfish • Banded Sunfish • Rock Bass • Black Crappie • White Crappie • Largemouth Bass • Smallmouth Bass • Family Percidae (Perch and Darters) • Yellow Perch • Walleye • Johnny Darter • Eastern Sand Darter • Family Percichthyidae (Temperate Bass) • White Perch • Family Sciaenidae (Drums) • Freshwater Drum • Family Salmonidae (Salmon, Trout, Char, and Whitefish) • Brook Trout • Brown Trout • Rainbow Trout • Lake Trout • Blueback Trout • Atlantic Salmon • Coho Salmon • Kokanee Salmon • Lake Whitefish • Round Whitefish • Family Osmeridae (Smelt) • American Smelt • Family Ictaluridae (Bullheads and Catfish) • Brown Bullhead • Yellow Bullhead • Channel Catfish • Tadpole Madtom • Family Cyprinidae (Carp and Minnows) • Common Carp • Common Shiner • Blacknose Dace • Longnose Dace • Northern Redbelly Dace • Fallfish • Golden Shiner • Spottail Shiner • Creek Chub • Family Catostomidae (Suckers) • White Sucker • Greater Redhorse • Creek Chubsucker • Quillback • Family Clupeidae (Herring) • Alewife • Blueback Herring • Family Anguillidae (Eels) • American Eel • Family Hiodontidae (Mooneyes) • Mooneye • Family Amiidae (Bowfins) • Bowfin • Family Acipenseridae (Sturgeons) • Lake Sturgeon • Family Gasterosteidae (Sticklebacks) • Brook Stickleback • Family Cottidae (Sculpin) • Slimy Sculpin • Family Cyprinodontidae (Killifish) • Banded Killifish • Family Gadidae (Cod and Burbot) • Burbot • Family Percopsidae (Trout-Perch) • Trout-Perch • Family Lepisosteidae (Gars) • Longnose Gar • Family Esocidae (Pike and Pickerel) • Chain Pickerel • Redfin Pickerel • Northern Pike • Muskellunge • Family Petromyzontidae (Lampreys) • Sea Lamprey • Glossary of Fish Terminology • References and Recommended Reading • Suggested Web Sites

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