Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9781905686797 Published July 2014 For Sale in USA and Canada Only

The First Georgians

Art and Monarchy, 1714-1760

Rufus Bird, Wolf Burchard, Kate Heard, Kathryn Jones, and Desmond Shawe-Taylor

The First Georgians

Rufus Bird, Wolf Burchard, Kate Heard, Kathryn Jones, and Desmond Shawe-Taylor

Distributed for Royal Collection Trust

495 pages | 300 color plates | 10 1/2 x 9 1/4 | © 2014
Cloth $89.95 ISBN: 9781905686797 Published July 2014 For Sale in USA and Canada Only
2014 marks the three-hundredth anniversary of the succession of the House of Hanover to the British throne. In celebration of this historic milestone, The First Georgians explores the rich artistic patronage of the early Hanoverian period. Georges I and II, along with Queen Caroline and Frederick, Prince of Wales, were all great patrons of the arts and together they amassed a broad and diverse collection of works. From sculptures, paintings, and miniatures to fascinating examples of the applied arts, including maps, crowns, books, and clocks, their collections reflect the spirit of the early Georgian era.

This catalog showcases three hundred full-color photographs of the finest works from among the collection, many of which have never before been published or made available for public display. Produced in Germany, France, and Britain during one of the most dramatic periods of change across all aspects of political, intellectual, and cultural life, the works reflect changing views of science, politics, and art throughout the early to mid-eighteenth century—the period when modern Britain was coming into being.

Despite the depth of this collection and its cultural importance, artistic production during the early Hanoverian period has been less well-documented than during the late Hanoverian period. With this volume, Desmond Shawe-Taylor directs our attention to this relatively neglected period.


Genealogical Tables


1. Ruling a Free Nation

Desmond Shawe-Taylor

2. Houses, Palaces and Gardens: The First Georgians and Architecture

Wolf Burchard

3. A ‘Wondrous Game’: The Early Georgians at War

Kate Heard

4. ‘Prints should be prized as Authors should be read’: Hogarth and Graphic Art

Kate Heard

5. Furniture and Interiors in the Royal Palaces 1714-1760

Rufus Bird

6. The ‘Battle of the Pictures’

Desmond Shawe-Taylor

7. ‘An Amiable Philosopher on the Throne’: Queen Caroline and the Encouragement of Learning

Kathryn Jones and Desmond Shawe-Taylor

8. ‘Curious Limnings’: Portrait Miniatures in the Early Georgian Period

Vanessa Remington

9. ‘An Honour to our Nation’: The Rise of a British School

Desmond Shawe-Taylor

10. The ‘Irresistible Tide of Luxury’

Kathryn Jones

11. Dining at Court

Kathryn Jones





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Review Quotes
Economic History Review
“An outstanding resource for scholars teaching the eighteenth century and researching social, cultural, economic, and artistic change. It is beautifully illustrated—opening with genealogical tables and maps of Europe and Hanover—and both literally and academically weighty. The volume will have a wide impact as it takes readers from the ‘first Georges’ and their palaces down to the guns wielded and trade cards exchanged by their subjects.”
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