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Digital Supply Chains

A Practitioner’s Guide to Successful Digitalization

New Edition

Concrete and clear instructions for digital transformation in business! Supply chain management is, without question, deeply affected by the disruptive flux of forces of a modern organization, both positively and negatively. Between advanced analytics and AI, agile role models and autonomous warehouses, a senior executive is often in danger of losing their way in the digital jungle. Digital experts can help, sharing valuable insights about digital supply chains, their application in business, and the vital transformation necessary to successfully prepare organizations for these challenges. Digital Supply Chains provides detailed explanations of best practices and the ways in which CSOs can make use of technologies and advancements. It also makes daring forecasts about how processes and leadership must be designed so that the digital transformation does not fail in its infancy, but rather leads to a truly agile organization.

240 pages | 51 halftones | 6 1/4 x 9 1/4

Economics and Business: Economics--Development, Growth, Planning, Economics--General Theory and Principles

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Table of Contents

Part 1
General Introduction 10
To ensure easy reading, we added some icons for you 10
Overview of Interviews 11
Acknowledgement 12
Bring your clients to the digital world—
They expect it from you: Letter from a COO 13
Part 2
Enablers for Future Supply Chains
Building blocks of the Digital Supply Chain 20
Introduction 20
Key terms and their definitions 21
The Digital Supply Chain Pillars 24
Digital applications for SCM today and tomorrow 25
The year 2025: Advanced Analytics and AI will lead the way 27
The author’s perspective 28
A strategy ties it all together 28
Think about people 29
Digital evolution along the supply chain 29
The nine digital technologies in detail 32
Advanced Analytics: Powerful and indispensable 44
Introduction 44
What is Big Data actually? What is Advanced Analytics? 45
Three key enablers build the Foundation for Successful Implementation and Utilization 49
Fields of Application of Advanced Analytics in SCM 57
Challenges 59
Roadmap to successful implementation of Advanced Analytics 60
Conclusion 61
Artificial Intelligence: Supply Chains will never be the same 63
Introduction 63
AI, ML, DL: What does it all mean? 64
Don’t believe the hype (at least not all of it) 68
Why AI in SCM? 71
How to enable your supply chain 73
The drawbacks 77
Conclusion 78
Call to action: A checklist for practitioners 79
Which concepts for the digitalization of the supply chain
are relevant for you? 79
Part 3
Leverage Enablers for Supply Chain Functions
Digital Procurement: A key driver for performance improvement 84
Introduction: More evolution than revolution 84
Procurement 4.0:
Comprehensive transformation beyond technology 85
Triad for success: Structure, Digital Solutions
and People & Skills 87
Evolving capabilities and roles:
The buyer in the future procurement setup 92
Five tips for digital transformation in procurement 100
Outlook 100
Future Supply Chain planning: Faster and smarter 102
Introduction and status quo 102
The future of supply chain planning 105
The impact on planning functions 111
What is required to achive this step into the future? 113
How will planning organizations have to change? 115
Lessons learned from supply chain leaders 117
Roadmap to success 118
Logistics today and tomorrow 121
Introduction 121
Advantages and limits of digitalization 121
New business models and value-added services 123
Business models with value-added services 123
Lessons for Implementation 129
Supply Chain visibility: Connecting the dots 135
B2C has it all—but why? 135
Background: Supply chain visibility isn’t new, but it’s changing 136
The barriers to SC visibility 137
The problems caused by a lack of visibility 140
Visibility matters 142
How visibility creates value 144
A recipe for establishing SCM visibility 146
Tips 148
Call to action: A checklist for practitioners 151
Lessons learned: Procurement 151
Lessons learned: Supply Chain planning 152
Lessons learned: Logistics today and tomorrow 154
Lessons learned: Supply Chain visibility 156
Part 4
Digital Supply Chains in Action
Being a leader in a Digital Supply Chain 160
Introduction 160
Activities today vs. tomorrow 161
Leading in digital times 163
Typical future leadership skills 169
Impact on roles and organization 174
Cultural transformation: The heart and soul of digitalization 178
Why is cultural transformation so important
in the context of digitization? 178
The path to digital transformation—Some statistical evidence 180
Role of a Chief Digital/Transformation Officer
in cultural transformation 182
Managing cultural and digital transformation?
A step-by-step guide 183
Practitioner examples for digital and cultural transformation 186
Cultural Transformation 193
Digital Transformation Office: The engine for success 195
Introduction 195
From Digital Evolution Stage 1 to Digital Evolution Stage 3—
A natural progression 196
Why do we need Digital Transformation Offices? 200
McLaren’s Digital Orchestra—
New value pools for applied technologies 209
Horizontal digital activities to support business units
and functions with digitalization 212
Getting it done: Proven strategies and a survival guide 218
Typical Project (digital transformation) Lifecycle 218
Many digital projects fail—Some statistical evidence 221
Call to action: A checklist for practitioners 230
Lessons learned: Being a leader in a Digital Supply Chain 230
Lessons learned: Cultural transformation:
The heart and soul of digitalization 232
Lessons learned: Digital Transformation Office:
The engine for success 233
Lessons learned: Getting it done:
Proven strategies and a survival guide 234
Endnotes 235

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