Debates in Personalisation

Edited by Catherine Needham and Jon Glasby

Debates in Personalisation

Edited by Catherine Needham and Jon Glasby

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232 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
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This volume brings together for the first time a substantial group of advocates and critics of the personalization agenda in English social services in order to debate key issues and attempt to find common ground. Practitioners, service users, and academics offer differing perspectives on the practicalities and controversies associated with the implementation of personalized approaches, which the book’s conclusion then examines in order to attempt to make sense of the divergent accounts and find a value-based approach to personalized care that all sides could agree on.

Part 1: Introduction and Overview


   ~ Catherine Needham and Jon Glasby

Taking Stock of Personalisation

   ~ Catherine Needham and Jon Glasby

Making it Real: from Putting People First to Think Local, Act Personal

   ~ Sarah Carr

Part 2: The Challenges of Personalisation

Resource Allocation Systems: complex and counterproductive?

   ~ Lucy Series

Safeguarding, risk and personalisation

   ~ Jill Manthorpe

Can personalisation work for older people?

   ~ Liz Lloyd

Personalisation: where do carers fit?

   ~ Wendy Mitchell, Jenni Brooks and Caroline Glendinning

Self-funders: the road from perdition?

   ~ Melanie Henwood

Part 3: Frontline Perspectives

Managing a direct payment

   ~ Christine Bond

Beyond ‘being an employer’: developing micro markets

   ~ Sian Lockwood

What about the workforce?

   ~ Helga Pile

A view from social work practice

   ~ Victoria Hart

Part 4: Personalisation in the NHS –

Personal Health Budgets

Managing a personal health budget: Malcolm’s Story(book)

   ~ Colin Royle

Evaluation of the personal health budget pilot programme

   ~ Julien Forder and Karen Jones

PHBs: a threat to the NHS?

   ~ Colin Slasberg

Where next for personal health budgets?

   ~ Vidhya Alakeson

Part 5 - Responses and Conclusions

Advancing the positives of personalisation/person-centred support: a multi-perspective view

   ~ Peter Beresford

After Personalisation

   ~ Simon Duffy

Conclusion: glass half full or glass half empty?

   ~ Jon Glasby and Catherine Needham

Review Quotes
British Journal of Social Work
“Provides an informative overview of the development of personal health budgets focusing on the ideological, political, and financial challenges it faces in moving forward.”
Research, Policy and Planning
“[A] valuable contribution to what are arguably the most important debates happening in UK adult social care at the present time.”
Mark Lymbery, University of Nottingham, UK
“This was a lively and stimulating encapsulation of debates about the future of adult social care, and other areas of public policy. Highly recommended!”
Kirstein Rummery, University of Stirling, UK
“This excellent, well-balanced collection cuts through the ideological polarized debates and draws on personal experiences and research evidence to look at the pros and cons of personalization. A must-read for practitioners, advocates, researchers and policy makers, and a useful tool for those managing their own personalized services.”
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