Dole Queues and Demons

British Election Posters from the Conservative Party Archive

Stuart Ball

Dole Queues and Demons

Stuart Ball

Distributed for the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

With a Foreword by Maurice Saatchi
186 pages | 196 color plates | 8 1/4 x 9 4/5 | © 2011
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9781851243532 Published April 2012 For sale in North America only

Bold amalgams of graphic design, psychology, and art, election posters have remained unsung—and sometimes even maligned—since their inception at the beginning of the twentieth century. Through a careful selection from among the more than seven hundred posters in the Bodleian Library’s Conservative Party Archive, this lavishly illustrated volume charts the evolution of the election posters created by Britain’s Conservative Party.

Organized chronologically and by political period, each chapter begins with a brief introduction highlighting the major themes of the period as well as the specific issues individual posters were designed to engage. Together, the chapters demonstrate the changing fashions in and attitudes toward advertising, political ideology, and standards of acceptability in the election poster, and they offer fascinating insight into the strategies of the Conservative Party up to the present day. Rounding out the discussion is a foreword by advertising tycoon Maurice Saatchi, who discusses the posters from a communications and design perspective.
At a time when the new media seems poised to put an end to more traditional forms of mass communication, Dole Queues and Demons offers a timely retrospective of an enduring feature of the British electoral landscape.
Foreword by Maurice Saatchi

1909–1910: The People’s Budget
1923–1929: The Baldwin Years
1931–1935: National Crisis and the National Governments
1945–1955: Churchill’s Peacetime Leadership
1955–1963: ’Never Had It So Good’—The Age of Affluence
1964–1970: Searching for a Role
1970–1979: The 1970s Crisis
1979–1987: The Triumph of Thatcherism
1987–2001: Divisions and Defeats
2001–2010: The Long Road Back to Power
Review Quotes
Peter Hennessy, Queen Mary University

"Dole Queues and Demons has instant impact. It’s powerfully evocative and Stuart Ball is the surest of guides through the politico-emotional geography."–Peter Hennessy, Queen Mary University

House Magazine

"These images are such fun. . . . Spawned from the Conservative Party archives at the Bodleian Library, [the book] offers a sumptuous selection of Tory propaganda covering more than a century of political warfare."—House Magazine

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